West Coast Trip

A day after his team lost for the third time in four games, Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt held a conference call with reporters.

On his QB assessment: Both did some good things when they had time, but both were pressured hard at times. Sometimes, the receivers have to get open quicker. Both of them have a role, and we'll continue to evaluate that and move it forward.

On going to California: It's a long trip, so there has to be absolute total focus. We're a team that really needs to win, and that's the only reason we're going. That has to be the mindset starting today.

On the injuries: We came out OK. Everyone should be ready to go again this week.

On Brandon Bolden: He's not himself, we all know that. He can't hit the hole and cut like he wants to. He's just not the same Brandon. He's out there trying to give us all he has but it is difficult when you're not at full speed, especially at tailback.

On whether the events of last week in terms of Pete Boone at the press conference, etc, being a distraction to the team: None of that was ever mentioned or brought up. We had blinders on and just went to work. I thought our guys played very, very hard. We showed some improvement. I know it doesn't feel good unless the scoreboard is right, we understand that, but I really thought we came out ready to play and competed hard. I wish we could've had two or three less calls and see what would've happened. We just have to continue to get better. I saw a team with a lot of spirit out there, and I want to build on that.

On some of the personnel changes you made: I think it helped us to get some new blood out there and we need to do more of that. The freshmen have done an excellent job. Guys like Cody Prewitt on special teams, Serderius Bryant taking another step forward to get more reps - we'll continue to call on those guys. Aaron Morris did some good things. There were plays that he didn't do well, but for the most part, for his first time out there, not too bad. Bryon Bennett had three tackles for losses in 33 plays. He's real active and I see him getting better and better.

On Enrique Davis: I'm hoping this is the week when we can get him just about full speed and get him some carries.

On what Bolden and Davis being out means: It hurts our offense because the quarterback doesn't have his best friend - a solid running game. Those two senior hammers just make a difference. I'm not taking anything away from Jeff Scott. He's one of our best playmakers and there's a tremendous role for him as well, but when you have two guys who are 218 pounds and can run, it sends a real message. We've missed that and we've missed them in short yardage.

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