Figuring It Out

Alabama's defense leads the SEC in several statistical categories, pass defense being one of them. Reb WR Ja-Mes Logan says you have to be sharp to find the holes in the coverage, but there are opportunities to make plays.

Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt had a little bit of awe in his voice when he discussed Alabama's secondary in Monday's press conference.

"They are really good," he began. "They have so many different coverages and run them all very well. They will show you man and then shift into a zone in mid-play.

"They have great athletes, but they also have an excellent scheme. It's not just man or cover two with them. I've been going against Nick (Saban) for a long time and he never lets you hone in on one thing. He changes things all the time."

Rebel Wide Receiver Ja-Mes Logan knows what to expect from the Tide.

"I have watched them all - their corners (DeQuan Menzie) and Dre Kirkpatrick) and their safeties (Mark Barron and Robert Lester) - are all active and are well-schooled," said Logan. "You have to be sharp when you play against them.

Ja-Mes Logan
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"It all starts with their front seven. They are aggressive and come after the quarterback, but if you do get that taken care of, their secondary is there to pick up the pieces and make plays. Again, you have to bring your 'A' game and be mentally sharp. You have to be able to recognize what they are doing in order to react and find openings."

Logan is studying film this week to see if there are any tendencies he can latch on to in order to make him and the Ole Miss offense more successful.

"Does they bite on a move or take certain fakes? Whatever we can find to give us an edge, we have to be able to capitalize on," he continued. "They don't make many mistakes. They are very sound. They mix things up to keep you off balance. They'll show a seven-man front but only bring three. They run a lot of different coverages. It's going to be fun to play against."

The Rebels are a big underdog to the number two team in the country. Ja-Mes doesn't seem that concerned with the big number.

"We are used to being the underdog. We can't control what people say about us. All we can control is what we do," he noted. "We talk every day after practice about playing hard and trying to prove people wrong about us.

"It's always fun to play a top five team. You just have to be prepared and play a really good brand of football against teams like this."

Logan has a lot of faith in Quarterback Randall Mackey, the guy who will be delivering him and the rest of the wide receivers the ball.

"Randall recognizes things that a lot of quarterbacks don't see," said Logan. "He's pretty amazing with the way he remembers things he has seen and how to adjust to them."

Despite being big underdogs, Logan believes the Rebels will have chances to make plays.

"They play a lot of one-on-one coverage with the backs and receivers. We will have our opportunities. It's up to us to recognize when those opportunities are available and execute when we get the chance," he closed. "I expect a good game. I will be surprised if it's not."

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