One Day Closer To Hogs

Ole Miss worked in shorts and shoulder pads on the practice fields with temperatures in the mid 40s Wednesday, but they were without an additional player due to a freak injury. Read about it inside.

Rebel Offensive Coordinator David Lee surmised that Arkansas's defense may not be up to the standard of Alabama's defense, but he says the Hogs have a "very good" defensive unit.

"That bunch (Alabama) last week was awfully good, but Arkansas has a good defense that we will have to be totally prepared for if we are going to move the ball against them," noted Lee. "Structurally, they will show you a 3-4 look and a 4-3 look. You have to be prepared for the odd and even fronts.

"In coverage, they will be multiple and Randall (Mackey) will have to recognize it all and know where he's throwing the football."

The Rebels have not been able to sustain much offensively this year, except against Fresno State and SIU, and Lee is hoping this week will be different.

"We haven't helped our defense much and it bothers me deeply. It bothers everyone on this staff, as it should," David noted. "I can't remember the last time I've been anywhere when we have struggled this much to score points. Even last week against Bama, we should have scored a lot more than 7 points. We had opportunities and just didn't capitalize.

"It's frustrating and disappointing. The only thing we really improved on last week was we didn't have any penalties, which had also been plaguing us this year."

Bama ran multiple coverages in their secondary as well, so how did Mackey fare against them in terms of a grade?

"He had some minus plays and he had two what we call disaster plays. He did not play perfectly, but in grading the film, which I watched three times, he competed his tail off, really hard, and that spirit permeates through your offense," noted Lee.

The Rebels practiced in chilly conditions and in shorts and shoulder pads Wednesday.

Cody Prewitt
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"The guys worked hard and concentrated today. Offense, defense and kicking game did a nice job. I liked the way we moved around," said Coach Houston Nutt.

The Rebels defense will be facing what many consider the best passing attack in the SEC in Arkansas' offense. How can the Rebs counteract it?

"We have to create more pressure. We will have to mix things up. Tyler Wilson is very smart - he's been blitzed before, so we have to do a good job when we do blitz," Nutt continued. "We have to get there. We have to apply pressure and we haven't created much so far this year. Tyler was a really good high school player and I knew he could really spin it."

Unfortunately, the depth situation in the secondary took yet another blow when freshman Safety Cody Prewitt was held out of the workout with a broken hand from a freak accident he had in the Oxford Wal-Mart Tuesday night. Cody will have surgery Thursday.

"That leaves us with two healthy safeties, but I told him he's got to play. He's got to do what they did with Patrick Willis with a club," said Nutt. "He's having surgery Thursday and has to be ready Saturday by 11:21 a.m."

Random Notes:

* Spur/Safety Vincent Moss - who could help out at the safety slot if healthy - remained sidelined Wednesday with a concussion. No word yet on whether or not he will be available for the game Saturday against the pass-happy Hogs.

* True freshman OL Aaron Morris once again rose to the top of the depth chart during the week, this time at left guard in Patrick Junen's place. Will he stay there until Saturday? "It looks like Aaron will start, but we are still working Patrick there as well. We are still looking at that hard. I am proud of both of them and not afraid to put either in the game," said Nutt. "A.J. Hawkins is also working at guard and center. Evan Swindall is still number one at center. We are just trying to get everyone ready and create some options."

Snoop Brassell
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* From the way the wideouts were lining up Wednesday, it appears Nick Brassell and Donte Moncrief, both true freshmen, will get the starting nods. Also, don't be surprised to see more of two more frosh - Tobias Singleton and Collins Moore, but Ja-Mes Logan and Vincent Sanders are also expected to be in the WR mix and rotation.

* Tuesday, we reported that DE Jason Jones appears to be taking Wayne Dorsey's slot with Cameron Whigham backing him up. There was no indication to the contrary in Wednesday's practice. "I've been proud of the way those two have worked. We also have Uriah Grant out there and I thought (Kentrell) Lockett looked good out there too. Gerald Rivers looks more confident. It would be a good time for him to step up for us," Nutt stated.

* It's likely Charles Sawyer is going to be a busy man versus the Hogs. With Prewitt and Marcus Temple being out, look for Sawyer to wear two hats, at cornerback and at safety.

* Nutt was informed there is a movement by some fans to wear black in protest of Athletic Director Pete Boone. Did he have a comment? "Let's don't do that," said Nutt. "Let's wear red like we have all year long. This is our stadium. Let's wear red. Let's get into the game. That's what we are telling our kids - play every play like it's your last. I want our fans to play every play with us too and be in red."

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