Not Surprising

It comes as no great shock that Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt was let go on Monday. It's win-or-else at this level and Houston, lately, simply did not win enough. What now?

You could smell it after the Vanderbilt loss.

You could see it after the triple A's ran rough shod through the Rebels.

You could feel the doom and gloom after the Kentucky game.

There was little doubt Houston Nutt, not quite four years into his tenure at Ole Miss, was going to be shown the door.

While personally, I am sick at my stomach it did not work out for Houston, a man I like and admire and who has been very good to yours truly, I am a realist when it comes to matters of college athletics.

He said it many times himself, "They pay me to win."

And in the last season and nine games, he has not won, not nearly enough.

We can discuss from here until eternity why it didn't work out, why the promising start to his gig at Ole Miss turned into what is essentially a nightmare, but if you don't mind, suffice it to say I cannot argue the decision in today's college football environment.

Why it went wrong is a subject for another day, in this humble opinion.

What is more important is the future, the immediate future and further down the line.

One, we in the Ole Miss family, must get our sanity back. We must move forward united. We must put this behind us and let Houston Nutt and his staff leave with some dignity, in fairness to them and for the sake of Ole Miss, so mired in controversy for so many months. It's time we heal a little bit and get on with things in a positive way. The negative discourse has taken a toll on our university and it needs to stop, now.

Two, we must beseech our leaders to present a plan of moving forward that is thorough and concise. This will be a huge hire, a monumental hire, in our history. While there is some urgency, it has to be done the right way, and that means turning over every stone out there. A lot of names for potential coaches have been thrown around by a lot of well-intentioned people, but without thorough background checks, seeing if they would be a fit and seeing what they are made of underneath the surface, names don't mean anything. In my mind, the scope of the search should be far and wide and all-inclusive and there should be no preconceived "judgments" on anyone.

Right now, it's way more important to focus on the future than it is the past. We've been living in the past for too long and the results have been, well, less than desirable. Let Houston Nutt leave without fanfare and without dredging up anything and everything that justifies his dismissal. It's over, let it go.

Let's put blinders on pointed to the future.

Anything less and we will find ourselves in the same cycle we've been in for forty years.

A new way of looking at things is needed and it needs to start with us.

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