Business As Usual

After the news Monday that Houston Nutt and his staff would not be coaching the Rebels after the season, the team still has a game to prepare for. It was business as usual Tuesday.

In Monday's press conference, one in which Houston Nutt was there to answer questions about his dismisssal as the Ole Miss coach effective at the end of the season, he vowed the team would get his best and his staff's best for the remaining games.

Tuesday, under what could have been an awkward situation, the Rebels resumed practice in preparation for the homecoming tilt with Louisiana Tech Saturday.

"It was business as usual. We had a good day today. The kids flew around with a lot of energy. They came to work," said Nutt. "They had a purpose about them."

Nutt said it's been difficult in the past 24 hours, but for the sake of the team and the pride of being a professional, the show must go on.

"It's a tough situation. Some of my coaches have been through it before. This is my first," he said. "It can be hard if you let it be hard. Our guys (assistants) are professionals. We are putting all our energy and efforts into this gameplan and this team. That's our job and that's a job we intend to do."

After Monday's press conference, Nutt met with the team.

Nick Brassell
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"It was tough, especially for the freshmen," he continued. "They had a lot of questions about their futures and things like that. Change is hard for everyone, but they took a difficjult day and handled it well."

Houston said he does not expect the team to react any way but the right way.

"We've got good kids here. That doesn't mean one of them might not make a bad decision, but I anticipate them staying together and fighting the next three games. I don't really worry about them going off the track," he stated.

Defensive Coordinator Tyrone Nix said he was surprised and disappointed by Monday's announcement.

"We know the amount of time and effort we put into this program, but you know if you have been in the game long enough, these things happen," said Nix. "We had a lot of obstacles that presented themselves, starting in the spring with losing D.T. Shackelford for the year. Things like that seem to happen all year. A lot of those guys were our leaders and without great leadership, it's hard to handle adversity.

"The attitude of the kids has remained upbeat and our goal is to win. I don't know if we will or not but we are going to give it everything we can."

Nix said things were fine Tuesday at practice.

"We gave them guys the gameplan and went about getting after it. They had a positive attitude," he stated. "All we can do is go out and play and coach as hard as we can."

The Rebels play another good offense this week when they face Louisiana Tech.

"They are explosive. They run a no-huddle, fast-tempo offense. They are playing two quarterbacks who are having good years, a true freshman and a junior. I think the junior is playing a little better right now. They are on a four-game winning streak.

"We will be facing a great receiver, one of the best we have seen. They throw it a lot, but they have an outstanding running back transfer from Tennessee who can run it between the tackles."

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Random Notes:

* It was circulated this morning that freshman Wide Receiver Nickolas Brassell might be suspended for missing classes. Turns out there was a reason, an excusable reason. "He and Jamal Mosley had their house broken into while we were on the Kentucky trip. A lot of things were stolen and he's been really upset," explained Nutt. "He was a no-show Sunday. We try to teach them to face things head on and handle them. Go to the police and do the things you are supposed to do. He will pay for missing Sunday and he'll be available for the game Saturday. He won't start, but he will play."

* Mosley did not dress out Tuesday. "He's got a meniscus issue, but we are hoping he can come back before Saturday," said Nutt. "Right now, we are starting Ferbia Allen with Layton Jones behind him, but we are hopeful Jamal can go by then. We'll know in the next two days or so."

* It appears the freshmen who started last week will get another chance this week. LB Serderius Bryant and Safety Cody Prewitt were with the number one defense again Tuesday, as well as WR Donte Moncrief and LG Aaron Morris on offense. Nutt explained Brassell's situation - available but will not start. He practiced mostly at cornerback Tuesday.

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