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At the end of Wednesday's practice, Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt let the team have a little fun at the expense of the assistant coaches.

"We put the coaches on a two-point play - the offense versus the defense," said Nutt. "Terry Price and Tyrone Nix sacked the quarterback (David Lee). Mike Markuson didn't protect very well, but the offense was claiming an offsides.

"I didn't let them replay it because I was afraid one of them would pop a hamstring."

Nutt said it was a reward for the team for giving him a good, crisp practice.

"I was proud of the way the guys came to work today. They gave it up for us," Nutt continued. "They were excited and flying around, so we let them have a little fun at our expense at the end. The kids were getting into it. We would not have done that at the end if they hadn't given us a focused practice. Their concentration was good and the execution was good."

Turning back to serious issues, the Rebels face Louisiana Tech Saturday at homecoming.

"Louisiana Tech has really improved from the first of the year. We've watched all their tapes and you can just see them getting better and better," Houston stated. "When you turn on the film of them versus Houston, they scored 35 points before Houston knew what hit them.

"They get up and down the field. They have one receiver who is as good as we have seen this year. Their quarterback can buy time and has some escapability, so you really have to get your eyes in the right places."

On the flip side, Tech has given up a lot of points, but Nutt said not to let that fool you.

"They aren't as big as some of the defenses we have seen, but they play hard and they are well-coached," he noted. "They have been in big arenas before and it doesn't seem to faze them. They are rarely out of position."

OC David Lee respects Tech's defense as well.

"They are impressive. I have talked to some coaches they have played and they said they are as well-coached as any defense they have played," said Lee. "They play with great technique and play low. I'm sure they are coaching their guys to get under our tall offensive linemen's pads and try to knock us back.

H.R. Greer
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"They are very sound in their gap responsibilities and they do a great job of coaching their secondary, as good as anyone in our conference. You don't see receivers running free in their secondary. The coaches really know what they are doing. Their guys get their keys and execute. I'm impressed. We will have to be sharp."

Random Notes:

* DE Cameron Whigham sustained a concussion in the Kentucky game and has not practiced this week, but Nutt expects him back in the fold on Thursday.

* TE Jamal Mosley has a meniscus issue with his right knee and has not been practicing this week, but there is hope he will be able to run some Thursday and possibly play Saturday. Fingers crossed.

* Junior Fullback H.R. Greer is predicting the Rebels will play good football the rest of the way in. "I think some of the pressure is off now. I think we will be relaxed and we will play the last three games very hard for Coach Nutt," said Greer. "The losses have been tough, especially as hard as we prepared. I'm expecting us to play well in these last three games. It's about pride now. Our pride is on the line. For our seniors and older guys, it's about pride and trying to get a good taste in our mouths as we head into the future."

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