Brunetti: Move Forward

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- In the wake of the 31-3 loss to Mississippi State in the annual Egg Bowl, Rebel sophomore Quarterback Barry Brunetti said a short memory is called for.

After Ole Miss Quarterback Barry Brunetti discussed the Egg Bowl loss to Mississippi State, he wanted to move to the future.

"We can't let this happen again. We are going to put this season behind us and go to work. I don't ever want to think about it again," said Barry, who was 12-22 for 110 yards and no interceptions. "We have a young team, but now we know what it takes and what we have to improve on. We aren't going to be young forever and we will get some payback. The only thing I want to remember is how this hurts and how I never want to experience it again. I want this taste out of my mouth."

Brunetti will be playing next year under his third head coach in three years in college.

"Learning a new offense every year is tough, but I'll get after it and do my best," Barry noted. "I'm going to throw every day, run every day and get stronger. I think all of us are determined to do that. I'm going to work immediately on getting this team to believe in me and proving to them I am worthy of their trust."

What does Brunetti want in a new coach?

Barry Brunetti
Bruce Newman

"I want a coach who brings in discipline and someone who believes in us," he continued. "I want a guy who will give us a fresh start and not judge us on this season. This season is not who we are. We have great young talent and we are going to stick together.

"Just believe in us and we will accomplish great things for him."

Barry said he wants the next coach to be well-rounded.

"We have to emphasize all three phases of the game. We need help in all areas," said Brunetti. "We weren't very good in any phase of the game this year.

"But the biggest thing we need is discipline. We hurt ourselves all year with key mistakes. That is a lack of discipline. We also have to get tougher mentally and physically. We were very fragile this year. Most of our problems centered around hurting ourselves, which is discipline and not being mentally tough. We weren't focused enough. We were a team that had flashes but no consistency."

About the game, Brunetti said it was more of the same in the Rebs' 31-3 loss.

"We put a few drives together, but we didn't finish. It was like that a lot of the year," he said. "This sure leaves a bad taste in our mouths, but we don't have anyone to blame but ourselves.

"We continued to beat ourselves with turnovers and penalties and missed blocks and missed passes. I'd hit a pass or two and then misfire. Like I said, it's us beating ourselves."

From Barry's viewpoint, it's a sad ending, but also a new beginning, one he looks forward to.

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