'I'm going to be ecstatic'

The conversation was brief, lasting less than a minute. No matter. Kameron Wood got the good news he'd been waiting for.

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Wood greyshirted in 2011, a decision agreed upon between Wood and the previous Ole Miss coaching staff headed by Houston Nutt. However, Nutt was let go in November.

Newly-named head coach Hugh Freeze contacted Wood in mid-December to assure him he would have a spot in the spring, when he becomes eligible to play.

"When I first heard Coach Nutt was gone, I was a little confused," Wood said. "For me, it wasn't all of the sudden. I figured it was going to happen from all the talk I was hearing. I was kind of waiting to see what Coach Freeze was going to say. I got tired of waiting, so I called him. He returned my call. When I heard from him, I was real excited. I still had a spot."

Wood was rated a three-star recruit last recruiting season, signing with Ole Miss in February. A shoulder injury derailed his plans to enroll early. Instead, he spent the season in the stands, watching as Ole Miss stumbled its way to a 2-10 finish.

Wood is hungry to play. The Birmingham, Ala., native was recruited by number of school out of John Carroll high school, including Ole Miss, Arkansas, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt.

"It was real tough watching all the guys I was recruited with go out and succeed on the football field, wishing that could be me with them," he said. "It was real tough having to sit in the stands while the guys you trained with are out there playing every Saturday.

Kameron Wood
Andrew Bone

"From the reactions from the players, it just looked like a lack of discipline. The way the talked, the way they reacted to things, it just wasn't very coordinated last year, to me. It's up to Coach Freeze to turn it around for us."

Wood watched Freeze's introductory press conference. He caught the team meeting, as well. "He's real energetic," Wood said of Freeze. He feels Freeze is the right man for the job.

"He looks like he's ready to bring this program back to life, and I'm ready to jump on board with him. All we need is discipline, hard work and dedication. With those three things, we can do whatever we want to," he said.

Wood is itching to play again. He's been out of action for over a year. When spring practices roll around in April, he said he might not know what to do with himself, he'll be so excited. He's eager to get in the weight room with his teammates and put on pads and hit.

Wood has worked out on his own while he's sat out. The NCAA stipulates greyshirts aren't allowed to participate in team activities for the fall semester prior to being put on scholarship second semester.

"I'm going to be ecstatic," he said. "My one personal goal is to go out there and do my best, and to make sure every coach and player on the field knows I'm one of the hardest working players on the team and I'll do anything for them.

"I really just want to show I wasn't a bust. It wasn't because of a lack of skills that I greyshirted, it was more of my injury. I want to go out there and prove a point and show everybody what I'm capable of."

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