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Valdosta, Ga., offensive lineman Aulden Bynum knew little of Ole Miss prior to his visit to the school for its junior day in February.

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Safe to say the Rebels left an impression.

Bynum, a member of the recruiting class of 2013, said the visit exceeded his expectations. He was able to meet for the first time face-to-face with Ole Miss offensive line coach Matt Luke, as well as his primary recruiter, running backs coach Derrick Nix.

"It was good," he said. "I was just looking for a chance to get to meet Coach Luke, the offensive line coach, and Coach Nix, our recruiting coach. I've talked to them on the phone several times. I got to see the facilities and everything, and see how they're looking to improve the program.

"I really did not know a whole lot. But after my visit, I learned that they're trying to get to an offense with 80 to 90 plays per game, which I feel like I would fit in great. I play both ways now in high school, so I'm already in shape to play the whole game."

Ole Miss finished 2-10 last season, including a winless record in Southeastern Conference play. When he arrived on campus, the 6-foot-5, 255-pound Bynum figured he'd find a program far behind its SEC counterparts.

Aulden Bynum
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"The facilities were a lot better than what I thought they were going to be. We all know how their season went last year. I went in there thinking that they were going to be behind all these other schools," Bynum said.

"But really, their facilities are just as good as anywhere else, and all their coaches seem to be on the same page of how they need to get the program going the right way."

Bynum has a brother currently attending Ole Miss. Like his brother, Bynum grew up a Georgia fan. Georgia, like Ole Miss, has extended a scholarship offer, as has Auburn, North Carolina and South Carolina.

"I want to get to see every place that I absolutely can. I plan on going everywhere," he said.

However, Bynum doesn't have a favorite(s) yet. He'd like to learn more about each school before he narrows things down. He'll visit Clemson this weekend.

"I like ‘em a lot," he said of Ole Miss. "My brother, he keeps on talking about ‘em in my ear. He grew up a Georgia fan, too. He didn't know a whole lot about their football program prior to this year. He loves the student experience out there. Of course that's where he's pushing me to go."

Bynum is planning to decide on a school by mid-Fall. Bynum will visit Miami (Fla.), Georgia and South Carolina this spring for at least one practice.

"First is how I get along with the coaching staff," Bynum said, when asked of the deciding factors in his recruitment. "Second is tradition, and then third is game day atmosphere."

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