Pro Day

Brandon Bolden said while he enjoyed the NFL Combine in Indianapolis not long ago, Friday's Pro Day at Ole Miss was actually more to his liking.

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"We were basically doing the same things but at a faster pace (at Ole Miss), which I like," he said. "The combine was more stretched out. You had to wait for this group to go, and that group to go. Here it was like, alright let's go, let's get it over with. That's what it was."

Bolden said their times and results were not known to players.

"I still hadn't found out," he said after the Pro Day was over.

Bolden said he would try to find out on his own. The NFL will announce the results of all the testing in a few days.

A total of 20 NFL scouts watched 12 Ole Miss players from a year ago work out. Official times and results will be posted later this week on

Kentrell Lockett
Bruce Newman

The Rebel seniors from 2011 that participated at Pro Day Friday include Brandon Bolden, Enrique Davis, Wayne Dorsey, Derrick Herman, Damien Jackson, Layton Jones, Kentrell Lockett, Bobbie Massie, Vincent Moss, Justin Smith, Bradley Sowell and Marcus Temple.

Players were put through such events as broad jump, vertical jump, 40-yard dash, 225-pound bench press reps, other agility drills, as well as some specific sets for players at their positions, like defensive backs in a passing-interception type drill, etc.

Bolden said he simply hopes to continue to improve his stock with NFL teams with each tryout situation.

"I think it went pretty well," Bolden said. "I feel I had some better times than I did at the combine, which was the main point for coming and actually doing some more stuff. I think I did real good in the running back drills. Pretty much a good overall day for me."

Kentrell Lockett was another who is hopeful that his workouts will catch the eyes of some of the NFL teams.

"I think it went well," he said. "I came up short on the bench. But I'm not too worried about it. That can change, give or take a little bit. I did good on the vertical, the broad and the 40. All in all I just really wanted to come out and show the scouts that I'm healthy again, that the leg isn't a factor again, and that I'm back as the football player everyone knows me to be as."

Bradley Sowell
Bruce Newman

Lockett said he's healthy now.

"Definitely. I feel better," he said. "No knee brace. I feel that's a tremendous step ahead. I got away from it. And by getting away from it, that made me mentally stronger, and by being mentally stronger I could go back to do what I'm used to doing. That's playing football and being weird and awkward on the field. That's just me."

Lockett said he's got to come down a bit from the high that led up to this important day for him and his future.

"I'm just going to go around and hang out with family. Just enjoy it," he said. "It's a big burden gone now (that Pro Day is over). I really haven't slept all week, about eight hours total. Just waking up in anticipation. Just nervous, frustration, just weird energy that couldn't be channeled to nothing else but to this Friday. Now that it's over with, I have all this energy. I've just got to burn it with my family and enjoy the rest of the day. Maybe a private workout or whatever, but just take it as it comes."

Bolden said now that he has performed for scouts, he will mostly let things play out until Draft Day in late April.

"The waiting game, probably the worst part of the process," he said of what's next. "Just kind of seeing where everybody puts you at and waiting for that big day. Maybe a few more interviews with some teams, if that comes. Just waiting."

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