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Yes, this is a site dedicated to Ole Miss athletics. We rarely do pieces outside of Rebel sports, but now a Rebel fan - Skylar Laine - needs support from Ole Miss fans and all Mississippians.

Skylar Laine, most Mississippians and Ole Miss folks are probably aware, is in the Top 10 on the popular Fox television series American Idol.

The 18-year old crooner from Brandon, whose favorite genre is country music, will sing Wednesday night on Idol to try to keep advancing to the title. From this point on, one contestant of the final 10 will be eliminated each week and it's up to viewers to vote to keep them on the show.

Skylar Laine Harden, who drops her last name for her stage name Skylar Laine, has strong Ole Miss ties, says her sister, Blair Harden, who is currently in her first year of Law School at Ole Miss.

"When I was little, my Dad (Ed Harden) got me interested in Ole Miss football and we started coming to games," said Blair. "Skylar got into singing, but she's always been an Ole Miss fan too and came to games with us when she got old enough.

"We - my whole family - love our Rebels. My Dad was a football trainer at Ole Miss while he was in school there from 1970-74."

While Blair opted for the college life and won a Taylor Medal for academic excellence in undergrad at UM, Skylar always had her heart set on singing.

"Skylar has been singing since she was 5," Blair continued. "She wouldn't shut up in the car. My uncle used to say it's a good thing she could sing well, otherwise we'd be in trouble."

The Harden family was keen to Skylar's ability and started helping her pursue her passion with singing lessons and local appearances at fairs and such.

The Harden family
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Skylar then landed roles in the traveling shows of Annie and Les Miserables, stints that kept her on the road and away from home for nearly three years as she chased her dream.

"After that, she gravitated toward country music and started playing the guitar and writing her own material," Blair added.

Skylar graduated a year early from Brandon High School and then decided to audition for the long, tedious journey of Idol.

Last August, she tried out in Galveston, TX, and was advanced to Hollywood in December. She made the cut and went back out to Hollywood for the Top 42 and then at the end of January advanced to the Top 24.

On the next live show, 14 of those 24 were eliminated to get to the Top 10 and Skylar was still standing.

"Skylar is the only country singer left in the Top 10. We think that is a good thing. She likes Miranda Lambert and that type of music, but she can sing any genre," Blair stated. "This week (tonight), the theme will be all Billy Joel songs, so she'll sing one of those."

The Harden family is very proud of what Skylar has already accomplished.

"Being in the Top 10, she has already made the summer Idol tour that will take place," Blair said. "We are very proud of her and, to be honest, a little shocked. I went out to the last live show and she was just mobbed everywhere she went by fans. It's been a tremendous experience for her and we are all very happy for her."

So what can Ole Miss fans and all Mississippians do?

"Watch the show and vote for Skylar," Blair said, excitedly. "We appreciate all the support and we know all Mississippians and Rebels will be in her corner."

Will Skylar Laine win the coveted and lucrative title of American Idol?

With our help, she can.

Your next opportunity to vote for Skylar will be tonight - Wednesday, March 21.

Vote for Skylar.

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