Preparing For Grove Bowl

The Rebel football team spent Thursday's practice in shorts and helmets while preparing for Saturday's 1 p.m. Grove Bowl in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss Coach Hugh Freeze is hoping Saturday's Grove Bowl - at 1 p.m. in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium - will showcase the accomplishments of spring training, but he's realistic in his expectations.

"We had a draft and divided the teams up as equally as we could. I think it's as even as you can get it," said Freeze. "I debated on the different ways to do a spring game and felt this format would be more enjoyable for the kids and the fans.

"We'll probably have some offensive inconsistencies due to dividing them up and we are going to play everyone and some of these kids have not gotten a lot of reps, but we're going to have fun and make it entertaining. Really, I'm at a point where I want to see our kids have a lot of fun, the fans have some fun and the kids play with energy and passion. I don't expect perfect execution, but I do expect them to compete hard."

Because of the lack of reps some of the players have had, Freeze said the gameplans will be "watered down" some.

"It's not to hide anything or because we are on TV. It's because we want to give everyone a chance to execute something they have repped a little and can execute," he explained. "We want to call things they have some recollection of and have a chance with."

The game will be a four quarters with the clock running and will include the kicking game, but not "live."

Charles Sawyer
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"We'll kick but we won't hit during any of the kicking game," he noted.

Freeze was asked about the progress his team made this spring.

"Defensively, I think we made quite a bit of progress," he said. "Offensively, we still have a long way to go, but there was progress made. The real question offensively is did we get the most out of the days we had? I think we were close in doing that, but we still have a lot to do."

Updated Depth Chart


* Denotes injury or being held out of the game.

‘X' Receiver - 12 Done Moncrief, 81 Terrell Grant, 37 Matt Tarpley, 27 Sam Noblin.

Tight End - 83 Ferbia Allen, 17 Jamal Mosley, 33 E.J. Epperson, 84 Jack Nuismer, 44 Charlie Scott, 41 Billy Busch, 36 John Peloza, 82 Dylan Dyer.

Left Tackle - 70 Emmanuel McCray, 61 Derrick Wilson, 63 Mitch Hall.

Left Guard - 72 Aaron Morris, 68 Justin Bell, 67 Chris Gill.

Center - 56 Evan Swindall, 65 Chase Hughes, 50 Ethan Hutson.

Right Guard - 76 A.J. Hawkins, 74 Jared Duke, 58 Corey Gaines.

Right Tackle - 71 Pierce Burton, 77 Patrick Junen, 57 Terrell Brown, 73 D.J. Bailey*.

‘H' Receiver - 16 Collins Moore, 28 Korvic Neat, 22 Philander Moore, 1 Randall Mackey, 5 Jordan Holder, 20 Jeremy Reed, 86 Tyler Baker*.

‘Z' Receiver - 85 Ja-Mes Logan, 10 Vincent Sanders, 80 Josh Pinkston, 88 John Ratliff.

Bo Wallace
File Photo

Quarterback - 11 Barry Brunetti, 14 Bo Wallace, 1 Randall Mackey, 9 Maikhail Miller, 19 Evan Ingram, 13 Robert Ratliff, 8 Zack Stoudt*.

Tailback - 3 Jeff Scott, 29 Devin Thomas, 4 Nick Parker, 7 Tobias Singleton, 26 Jimmy Potepa, 25 Eric Dietz, 30 D'Lyle Washington*.

Fullback - 45 H.R. Greer, 48 Justin Bigham, 43 Taylor Rotenberry.


Defensive End: 55 Cameron Whigham, 53 Jason Jones, 36 Kameron Wood.

Nose Tackle: 92 Carlton Martin, 99 Gilbert Pena, 54 Walker Sturgeon, 62 Jimel Judon.

Defensive Tackle: 56 Woodrow Hamilton, 95 Bryon Bennett, 97 Josh Price, 93 Uriah Grant *.

Bandit End: 10 C.J. Johnson, 54 Carlos Thompson, 90 Gerald Rivers.

OLB (Wolf): 20 Aaron Garbutt, 4 Denzel Nkemdiche.

MLB (Mike): 52 Mike Marry, 44 Ralph Williams, 33 Will Martin, 45 Josh Lancaster.

OLB (Stinger): 15 Joel Kight, 14 Serderius Bryant, 31 Rudy Wilson.

Husky: 9 Ivan Nicholas, 13 Brishen Mathews, 46 Tyriek Garcia.

Free Safety: 8 Chief Brown, 25 Cody Prewitt or 17 Tanner Burns, 39 Josh Shipp.

Rover: 3 Charles Sawyer, 30 Kyle Horine*, 5 Frank Crawford.

Boundary Cornerback: 1 Dehendret Collins, 12 Cliff Coleman.

Field Cornerback: 6 Wesley Pendleton, 29 Abdul Bangura, 2 Nickolas Brassell*.

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