'Intriguing' Possibility

Highlands Ranch, Colo., quarterback Brock Berglund has time on his side.

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He was granted his release from Kansas after a tumultuous process January 27. It's too late to enroll in another school for the spring. He doesn't have to make a quick decision.

Once a top-30 prospect, he's considering a handful of schools. He's already visited UCLA, UNLV, SMU, Miami (Fla.), Florida International and Liberty, coached by Turner Gill, who recruited and signed Berglund to Kansas.

"I'm looking for a place that's really a great fit and that can pose several different aspects," he said. "People is definitely one of them. The coaching staff, the guys, the team around there. And then also, a combination of the rest of it.

"Academics, the facilities and all those things play a role. But probably less of a role as they did in high school, when you're starry eyed by the big stadiums and things like that. This time, it's more about the intangible things with each school."

The 19-year-old Berglund, rated a three-star recruit in the class of 2011, will visit Ole Miss this weekend. He's kept in consistent contact with first-year Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze. Freeze replaced Houston Nutt in December.

"I've talked to Coach Freeze quite a bit," Berglund said. "He's a great guy, a great coach. I watched him move through the ranks and move around. When he was hired by Ole Miss, I was intrigued by that. I've talked to him on the phone. Really, it's been a great process so far, getting to know coach and his staff. I'm really looking forward to the visit next weekend."

Brock Berglund
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This is Berglund's second time through the recruitment process. He has a different perspective. He knows the process. No longer is he simply looking at facilities and the like, but the right fit for his abilities.

And there's the possibility of Berglund being eligible to play as early as the fall. He has five years to play four. He and his attorney are talking with the NCAA about potentially waiving the one-year in residency requirement for transfers.

"I really want to sit down with Coach Freeze and (Ole Miss quarterbacks) Coach (Dan) Werner and talk some ball and figure out how I fit," he said. "I want to just get a feel for them, as well as I'm sure they want to get a feel for me.

"I actually visited Ole Miss out of high school, so I've been on campus before and seen the facilities and the stadium. That's all obviously SEC facilities and top-notch, what it needs to be. What I'm looking at is the coaching staff and kind of getting a feel for each other and seeing what it's like."

Ole Miss could very well be his last visit. Of course, there could be more. He's taken two official visits. He has five. "This could be my last visit potentially or there could be a couple of more," he said. "I think a lot of that depends on how it goes, really."

He said his timeline for a decision is somewhere in the next two to four weeks.

"I've taken quite a few visits. Right now, I haven't gotten to a point where I need to make a decision yet," he said. "I'm trying to slow things down as much as possible.

"I would like to have been enrolled this semester. That wasn't possible with the way I left Kansas, just with the release and things. It took a lot longer to get out of there than I hoped. I hoped to get a release in late December, but I didn't end up getting it until the first of February almost. That made it impossible to get enrolled this semester. There is this time now. Why not use it? I haven't been set on a decision yet."

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