End Of Two-A-Days

The Rebels finished two-a-days Wednesday night on a high note - with enthusiasm and energy and some heavy hitting. Read about it inside.

The big news of Wednesday night's practice was that sophomore Wide Receiver Tobias Singleton has left the team.

The highly touted athlete - when he signed - was mired down the depth chart as of yesterday. While he was in the eight-man WR rotation at the bottom, he wasn't gaining any traction on those ahead of him.

There was a mutual parting of ways, according to Coach Hugh Freeze.

"Tobias is going in another direction," explained Freeze. "We wish him the best. He's a good kid. We love him. I hope he does well, but I want to say this - Ole Miss is a wonderful place to go to school and we want people who want to be here and want to be a part of what we are going to do.

"This has been an ongoing thing and we came to an agreement this morning. We are always disappointed when we lose someone, but we don't have time to dwell on that. It was obvious when I first got here in spring that he wasn't sure where he wanted to be. We have to have people who are all in. We have a great university and we will do something special in this program, but you can't do that unless everyone is invested in it. Everyone has to do all the little things correctly. I like him, but he never really decided he was all in here. I wish him the best."

Tobias Singleton
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With Singleton gone, who steps in? Freeze is also anxious to see.

"This is a great opportunity for Philander Moore and Korvic Neat to add to their roles. I believe with all my heart Collins (Moore) will be back. We may have to move someone like Vincent Sanders inside some. We may even use a tailback like Randall Mackey or Jaylen Walton or a tight end out there some. H.R. Greer, Ferbia Allen, Jamal Mosley can help us out there," he continued. "We'll be fine. These kids who want to be here and love Ole Miss are the ones we want to go to war with."

Earlier today, it was also noted that OT Mitch Hall has also left the team.

"Mitch just felt like he didn't fit our system. He's a great kid also. We wish his family the best, but he didn't see himself fitting in here," said Freeze. "I understand that. I will give him a release anywhere he wants to go."

Singleton news aside, the Rebels ended two-a-days with a very physical and very productive practice.

"I wish we had a couple of more two-a-days, we could use them, but I liked the way we ended it," said Freeze. "We put them through a tough practice today. We got good work in and the kids had a lot of energy.

"The attitudes were good. The effort was good."

Some injuries, particularly in the secondary, are starting to mount a little, but Freeze said he has to stand firm on practices being physical, for now.

"To build the program the way we want to build it, we have to be a physical team. We are in a physical league playing a physical game," he noted. "We won't do this much longer, but I can't back off just yet."

Add CB Cliff Coleman to the injured reserve list. He has a sprained MCL, the same as CB Wesley Pendleton and OL D.J. Bailey. Rover Charles Sawyer (quad) and WR Collins Moore (torn labrum) have been out and have "indefinite" status. Coleman and Pendelton are expected to miss a week.

Random Notes:

* Carlton Martin worked with the number one defensive line most of the day in place of Bryon Bennett. "(DL Coach) Chris Kiffin is big on changing things up. We need six of those guys and he's one of them. We are anxious to get Uriah (Grant) back next week also to add to that mix. I think Carlton can be a good player - he's still young and a puppy. He's got great potential. I think he's had a good fall camp so far."

Cody Prewitt
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* Two-a-day surprises from an uneducated eye? Frosh DT Issac Gross coming on strong as a true freshman; DT Gilbert Pena upping his level of play; Stinger LB Aaron Garbutt becoming a stalwart; FS Cody Prewitt taking over FS after a poor spring; E.J. Epperson adapting to DE from offense so quickly; freshman WR Cody Core's maturity and ability; CB Senquez Golson learning a new system as quickly as he has after missing spring; and freshman RBs - I'tavius Mathers and Jayloen Walton - not blinking in their transition from high school to the SEC. Just my humble opinion.

* Star quality thus far? DE C.J. Johnson, TB Randall Mackey, WR Donte Moncrief and Garbutt. Again, just an opinion.

* Needs to step it up: TB Jeff Scott, he of immense talent; LG Aaron Morris, hampered by injury; and someone, anyone, in the receiving corps beyond Moncrief, Sanders and Ja-Mes Logan.

* On the cusp of stardom: Gross, Golson, Logan, Dehendret Collins and Pendelton.

* Deep Snapper Will Denny will be entering his second season as the top snapper. His snap times have improved since last year, but we're talking hundredths of a second - his times were already good a year ago. The kicking charts also indicate an improvement in accuracy. Looks like deep snapping is again in good hands.

* Walk-on RB Jimmy Potepa joined camp today to fill spot in the 105 players allowed before school starts left by Mitch Hall.

* Prewitt played last year at 200-205 pounds. This year, he's a solid 220. Should help his "strike" some.

* With Pendelton and Coleman out, walk-on Abdul Bangura was at number one cornerback opposite Golson today.

* Again, Mathers had a big run. . . and there goes Walton, again.

* Third-team QB Maikhail Miller continues to make plays guiding the number three offense. Today, he found WR Sam Noblin for a 30-yard TD. The kid has a strong, accurate arm.

* Freeze ended practice with a "live" goalline-in and goalline-out scrimmage. Very physical. One thing that stood out was TB Devin Thomas put his name in the hat to be the short-yardage back. He scored four out of five carries inside the five, moving the pile on his way to paydirt.

* The Rebs resume practice Thursday morning.

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