There's Still Time

The starting job for the quarterback position at Ole Miss is still up for grabs. Or at least nobody is willing to yet say it belongs to one of them.

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Bo Wallace and Barry Brunetti still have two weeks to separate themselves. One will obviously have to start. One will have to come in after that. Right now it's not a certainty the order. But both will play, as head coach Hugh Freeze has said all along.

Wallace said he isn't sure where things stand. He's not alone.

"I don't know. You'll have to ask Coach Freeze that," he said after a 14-for-25 day with a touchdown toss and an interception. "Obviously we're both going to play in the first game."

That may be the only obvious to this point. It will be an interesting two weeks.

Wallace continues to be hampered by the blister on his throwing hand but it's healing.

"It feels a lot better right now. I probably could have played without the glove," said Wallace who also rushed six times for 31 yards and a touchdown. "We just don't want to do it right now."

Barry Brunetti
Chuck Rounsaville

The Rebels have Sunday and Monday off as classes get underway. That should help with the blister situation.

Brunetti was 6-for-12 with an interception. He ran the ball 10 times for 17 yards.

"I thought the quarterbacks played OK," Freeze said. "Obviously there were a couple of things I'm not happy with. But I thought they were a little more consistent today."

Offensive coordinator Dan Werner was fairly general in his comments as well.

"I was pleased until we had a couple of picks there at the end," Werner said. "But I thought for the most part, we protected the football, and that's the No. 1 thing we talk about."

Freeze liked the fact that his quarterbacks had some room to run, thanks to an improving offensive line.

"I thought we had some good lanes for quarterback runs," Freeze said. "Those were being blown dead, so I'm not sure how far we'd get those."

Wallace said the offensive line has come a long way as well.

Bo Wallace
Chuck Rounsaville

"They did a really good job today," he said. "I can't remember many times when we had pressure. They've come really far since the spring."

The sophomore signal-caller said offensively he sees improvement and better productivity.

"I thought we moved the ball well. We didn't throw the ball down the field a lot today, which I can't really do right now," Wallace said. "Pounding it like we were and moving the ball like we were, scoring touchdowns, that's how you get points."

Freeze said all in all he was OK with how things went.

"After what we put them through for two straight weeks, I thought it was pretty sound," he said.

In the statistics department, in addition to the quarterbacks, here's how things stood for those who stood out:


Donte Moncrief — 5-39

Jordan Holder — 3-27

Korvic Neat — 3-19

Josh Pinkston — 3-25

Vince Sanders — 2-21

Cody Core — 2-31

Jeremy Reed — 2-8


Randall Mackey 4-45

Jaylen Walton 8-42

I'Tavius Mathers 13-100 and three touchdowns


Mike Hilton 3

LeKedrick King 3

Ralph Williams 3 and a sack

E.J Epperson 2 and a sack

Tanner Burns 7

Garbutt 1 and a sack

Carlos Thompson 3

Denzel Nkemdiche 4 and an interception

Mike Marry 3

Cody Prewitt 4 and an interception

Josh Price 3

Fumble Recovery:

Josh Lancaster

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