In Search of Consistency

Grant Heard continues to get his receivers corps ready for the season. He's got another week. So far he likes what he sees.

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"It was a good day. Didn't start practice with a bang, but finished practice really well," said the Rebels receivers coach Thursday. "It was good to see them fight through it. They're getting better, which is good."

Head coach Hugh Freeze mentioned strong days for Ja-Mes Logan and Vincent Sanders.

"I thought Ja-Mes Logan and Vince Sanders really stood out," Freeze said. "They really stood out and made some really nice catches."

Heard concurred and added more.

"The biggest thing with the whole group is just being more consistent," he said. "We drop too many easy balls, which is a lack of focus. Overall they're having great camps. I'm sure everybody's tired of looking at the same team and ready to see somebody different."

Heard said he likes the way things have moved ahead for the overall group.

"As a whole, I see continual progress," he said. "The first step was just getting them to learn the tempo of practice. Then this summer getting in shape. Now it's just them getting the calls and playing fast. The summer helped. Every day it's better. Knowledge-wise they're coming along and doing a great job."

Ja-Mes Logan
Chuck Rounsaville

Collins Moore was back on the practice field again today, but this time was practicing fully. His torn labrum appears to be healed.

"Collins went through a little bit," Heard said. "Still haven't banged on that thing too much, and I'm anxious to see how that is. As far as knowledge and what to do, he's been in all the meetings and he's good there. It's just about getting back into the flow of the game."

Heard said Collins appeared fine to him and there was no need to feel he isn't "back" and ready.

"I haven't seen anything that made me question it," he said. "I haven't seen him have to catch anything over his head. It's a little sore, but he's a tough kid, and I think he'll fight through that."

Heard on the difference in Vince Sanders in the spring and now: "Confidence. He's got a swagger. I think he's having a ball out there. I love watching him practice. He is full go and having fun and talking trash to the defense. Reminds me of a young me a little bit. He goes hard every day."

Vincent Sanders
Chuck Rounsaville

Heard on Donte Moncrief: "My problem with Donte is sometimes I think he's older than he really is. I've still got to remember he's only a true sophomore. Got a lot of snaps last year but he's still a baby. But he's going to be great and make some plays for us. I look for big things out of him this year."

Heard on if either quarterback that might play matters to the receivers: "Whoever throws the football and whenever the ball is in the air, catch it, I don't care who it comes from. To my guys, it shouldn't matter either. When the ball's in the air, it's ours."

Freeze on instilling confidence in Vince Sanders: "Relationship, trust, knowing we'd give him opportunities. He's talented enough to make those plays when they come to him. I think he enjoys the system. It's a combination of all those things, and also another year of maturity."

Freeze on the positive month of August for Donte Moncrief: "Donte probably doesn't get enough recognition, but everyone just kind of expects that of him."

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