Heading Toward Saturday

Coach Hugh Freeze on Thursday named quarterback Bo Wallace to take the first offensive snap in the first offensive series of the first game of the 2012 season. But really, he said, that's all he did when he made the announcement.

"But again, you guys make a lot more of that than I do," said Freeze, who has downplayed depth charts and starters all preseason. "Really, to me it's still ‘co.' Bo will take the first series and we'll see how he'll do. But Barry will get his chances too."

Because after all is said and done, it's about who moves the chains and leads the Rebel offense to score points in games.

"To me it's about who can move our football team and who can produce over the first couple of weeks," Freeze said. "Again, you have to roll somebody out there to take the first snap, and that's all the decision was today, who was going to take that first series. We'll go from there."

Freeze said his team is good to go behind its quarterbacks.

"I thought they were fine," he said as the team heard who would take those first snaps. "They're mature. They've been through a lot of deals. They seemed to be fine. And then it was solely based upon the competitive situations we've been in, and (Bo) graded a little higher."

Freeze reiterated the situation is fluid, and either quarterback should be ready to go at anytime.

"That doesn't mean (Bo) is going to play better than Barry on Saturday," he said. "And vice versa. We'll judge them when the live bullets are flying the next couple of weekends."

Freeze said one of the best aspects of the battle has been the camaraderie the two have shown as they've competed.

"I think they've pulled for each other as much as you can in a competitive situation," he said. "They haven't gone into too big of a shell the way we've gone about pushing them and pressuring them. Let's not kid ourselves. This league's a high pressure deal. If they can't handle me in practice, they'll have a hard time on Saturdays. They've both responded pretty well to that."

Freeze said the package for each quarterback isn't really that much different.

Barry Brunetti
Chuck Rounsaville

"We pretty much are who we are," he said. "Bo's not a bad runner. I'm not saying he's great at it either. Obviously Barry's probably a little more talented. I'm really anxious to see how he does when he's live. He's worked very, very hard in the offseason at developing himself. He's put on mass and looks to be quicker. But the package won't change a whole lot."

Random Notes:

* Freeze on running back Jeff Scott's back: "He went to a specialist today. It's day to day. It didn't show anything more than the same irritation in one of the discs. I still say I think he's doubtful, but he's day to day."

* Freeze on anything new about Central Arkansas: "No. All we have is (tape) from last year, and you don't know what they went and studied in the offseason. Game one, there's always adjustments you have to make. They'll have to make them. We'll have to make them. We've definitely watched enough on them from last year."

* Freeze on his team's confidence heading toward Saturday: "There's so many unknowns. I hope it's good. I felt good about today. We had a good time in the locker room (after practice today). I want them to be loose and have fun and enjoy this process. They need to not pay attention and forget all the naysayers and talk about last year, this year, two years ago. It doesn't matter. All that matters is how they choose to perform on Saturday and that's really all I want them concentrating on. They've done a pretty good job with that. You can tell as the week has gone on little things that kind of register with me that their nerves are getting to them a little bit. They know it's getting time, and the butterflies are starting a little bit. Nobody wants to prove last year was not a typical year for Ole Miss football more than they do."

* It appears Korvic Neat and Philander Moore are going to handle punt returns. On kickoff returns, freshmen Trae Elston and Jaylen Walton are the returnees, along with freshman I'Tavius Mathers and sophomore Senquez Golson.

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