What The Doctor Ordered

NEW ORLEANS - After a humbling experience last weekend, the Ole Miss Rebels needed some success before heading into SEC play. Tulane provided the desired tonic for a 39-0 shutout win.

After the Texas game, many wondered how the Rebels would respond their next time out.

It was imperative for this team, that's sitting on the fence of either having confidence or going back to old habits, to take a turn back in the right direction.

The opponent really didn't matter, this game was about the Rebels and their mindset coming of a one-sided loss.

Tulane, a Tulane team that is not real talented and is grieving one of its players - DeVon Walker - battling a major injury, just happened to be next.

Just what the doctor ordered for the Rebels as SEC play looms.

The Rebs came out strong, building a 26-0 lead in the first quarter, but then the offense got a bit sloppy and complacent, fumbling the ball away twice.

Other than the carelessness with the ball, which is a major concern because it's been going on now for three weeks, the offense was not the major concern coming into this outing.

It was the defense, which was manhandled a week before, that Rebels far and wide were keeping a close eye on.

All week leading up to the game in the Big Easy, the coaches had worked feverishly reevaluating personnel, making a couple of changes and drilling assignment and alignment, which was woeful versus Texas.

Apparently, the evals and hard work paid off. Tulane managed just 52 yards on 39 plays in the first half, and 32 of those yards came on the first play of the game. A little simple math tells us the Wave managed just 20 yards on the other 38 plays.

The Rebel front hit true freshman QB Devin Powell repeatedly and even had a nice goal line stand. It was a dominant defensive half.

Charles Sawyer
Bruce Newman

For all intents and purposes, the game was over at the intermission, and was certainly a done deal after the Rebs tacked on another TD and field goal in the third stanza.

Just the tonic for a Texas hangover.

While this game was a must, and the Rebs took care of business, let's keep it in the proper perspective.

With the state Tulane is in right now, mentally and physically, they were not a great challenge.

Great challenges, starting with number one Alabama next weekend, will now come weekly. That's just life in the SEC.

Are the 3-1 Rebels ready for what awaits them?

Certainly, they have to take care of the ball better on offense.

For sure, they have to eliminate the one "poor" quarter a game they have shown each game so far.

Absolutely, they have to keep trending toward less missed assignments on defense.

The jury is out, but cleaner football, without a doubt, will be required in the upcoming games.

The Rebels rebounded well from the Texas game.

With some more tightening up, who knows? Anything can happen in athletics.

Saturday, in the Superdome, it was just what the doctor ordered, for now.

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