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Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace admitted to Coach Hugh Freeze on Sunday and the media on Monday that he did not prepare as diligently as he needed to for Tulane. He said he learned his lesson.

Bo Wallace said he learned a lesson from the Ole Miss-Tulane game Saturday, won by the Rebels in convincing fashion, 39-0.

In a game that Bo had a chance to run up some big numbers against an inferior defense, he was an anemic 7-16 for 101 yards passing, fumbled twice and got injured (shoulder).

After the game, he apologized to Rebel Coach Hugh Freeze for his lack of focus.

"I didn't show up to play. I apologized to Coach Freeze for that. Maybe it was a lack of focus during the week. I learned a lesson," said Wallace. "You definitely have to be more focused throughout the week and definitely when you wake up on Saturday.

"It's about locking in and focusing. Your mind has to be mentally prepared every week. I was a little off Saturday."

Bo injured his shoulder in the first quarter of the Tulane game and then took a hit on it in the third quarter that ended his day.

"It affected me a lot," Wallace noted. "After that third quarter hit, I couldn't go anymore. I think I am going to be OK - just take a lot of treatment, but I didn't have a lot of range of motion yesterday. It's a little better today."

A lot of people in the Rebel Nation like the way Bo plays football. He's tough and he runs for the extra yardage in the face of contact, but how wise is that?

Has he considered sliding and taking less contact for health and longevity purposes? It is still a long season to go - SEC play begins this week.

"With the guys we are going to be playing the rest of the year, I definitely have to start picking my spots and getting down," he said. "I have to get down and worry about the next play.

"I have never been injured before and going for it is just the way I play. My Dad and my coaches have told me to get down, but it's a hard habit to break. You're in the game and you're fighting for everything you can get, so that takes over, but I've got to be smarter with the aggression so I can keep getting to the next play in one piece."

Bo Wallace
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The Rebel offense, for the most part, has been one of the most pleasing aspects of the 3-1 Rebs' team thus far.

Wallace believes it can be much better.

"We've made good progress. It's not where we should be or will be, but it's been good all things considered. We have picked the tempo up some lately, but we have to keep working that," he explained. "Some of that is on me - I have to get those guys going. We can do better."

The part of the offense that has not been pleasing to Bo, or anyone, is the turnovers.

"Part of that is about focus as well," he stated. "We have to correct that, all of us. We have to be more ball security conscious, no doubt."

Bo "gets" the challenge facing the Rebels. Alabama's defense gives up ground by the inch, not the yard, it seems like, and Bo knows turf will be at a premium against the number one ranked Crimson Tide.

"They are number one for a reason. I have not watched a lot of film on them yet, but I know they are the best," he closed. "I have been to a couple of games there and grew up watching Alabama. The atmosphere there is going to be incredible.

"I can't wait to play in that environment. I know it will be a lot different from watching them to being on the field with them, but I look forward to it."

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