Offensive Tide

Ole Miss Defensive Coordinator Dave Wommack knows what faces his Rebel defense this Saturday when the Rebs take on Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Read about it inside.

Alabama's trademark through the years, and 2012 is no difference, has been defense.

That's what Tide Coach Nick Saban has built his program around, but he also "gets it" about offense.

Needless to say, number one Alabama can score as well. Ask Arkansas, the 52-0 victims of the Tide.

Ole Miss Defensive Coordinator Dave Wommack knows what faces his Rebel defenders.

"I have done this for a long time and three offensive lines come to mind. I coached in the 1980 Sugar Bowl against Alabama, Georgia in 2001 and the 2012 Alabama OL," he said. "They work together so well and they are very physical. They train physical, but for big men they have unbelievable agility with their feet.

"You couple their backs with that line and it's potent. Everyone thinks Lacy, Lacy, Lacy in their run game, but all their backs are very physical. We have to play physical in this game. We will use more 4-3 this week, for sure, against their power."

Like the Tide defense, the Alabama offense doesn't make a lot of mistakes, something coaches from opposing schools hate, but appreciate as coaches.

Dave Wommack
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"They don't make many mental mistakes or false steps. That is a program that is in place. Coach (Nick) Saban has done a tremendous job and so have his assistants.

"They are what we want our program to be, no question about it. We are looking forward to playing them, but we understand their program is way ahead of ours at this point."

The Tide attack is directed by QB A.J. McCarron, who is in his second year starting for Bama. His first year netted a national title and he has them number one again early this season.

"When I watched him in the national title game last year, he controlled the game. Now, he's taken a step beyond that. He knows exactly what he wants to do and controls everything," Wommack continued.

Wommack has put the 66-point Texas mishap in his rearview mirror. The Rebs backed that up with a shutout of Tulane.

"Our whole thing is to just get better each week," said Dave. "We should be better each game with recognizing formations, fits, the little things. I know it's difficult when you put a new scheme in and thousands of reps are needed, but it's essential we show improvement each week with what we are doing.

"Having said that, we are facing a whole different animal this week. Everyone knows that."

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