Patience and Calm

Rebel Center Evan Swindall had a different take on the offensive line woes against Georgia. He believes he and his OL comrades got ahead of themselves and didn't take care of the basics. Read about it inside.

There are varying opinions circulating as to why the Rebel run game against Georgia was only able to muster a paltry 46 yards on 29 attempts - well under 2 yards a carry.

Ole Miss Coach Hugh Freeze mentioned the Reb OL being "manhandled" by the Georgia interior.

He also talked about how Georgia was able to play a cover two defensive set and be effective versus the Rebs.

Rebel Center Evan Swindall had a different take on the matter.

"I'm not going to take anything away from Georgia, they have good players, but we had some miscommunication going on up front," said Swindall. "We were not staying with our first-level blocks long enough - we were excited and moving to the second level (linebackers) too quickly.

"I didn't feel manhandled. I felt frustrated that we couldn't fix it when our defense was out there and we were trying to get it right. It was frustrating not to be able to run the ball."

It was strange, in a way, to see the Rebs that inept in the run game. After all, going into the game with the Bulldogs, the Rebs were averaging around 195 yards an outing. Coming out of the game, that number had dipped to 177 yards a game.

"We have to get to the second level to make a run play work, but we also have to stay on our initial blocks an instant longer," Evan explained. "I think we were just a little off and we never could get it right, it seemed."

Evan Swindall
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The setback in the run game actually surfaced against Arkansas in the second half, something Evan can also explain.

"After halftime, they gave us a twist up front that we had not seen and that caused us some confusion for a good bit of the second half," he noted. "We finally got that fixed near the end of the game and were able to block them during the winning drive."

Swindall was not discouraged about the lapse at Georgia.

"We'll get it fixed. We know what we did wrong and can go from there. I'm not worried about it," he said. "We just have to work hard and get ready for Vanderbilt. Georgia is over."

Evan said the Rebels are anxious to get their sixth win of the season for the seniors on the team.

"Those guys deserve for something good to happen, for us to go to a bowl game. Guys like A.J. (Hawkins) and the rest of the seniors have been very good leaders and we need to get it done for them," he added.

But he knows it won't be easy. Vanderbilt has been a thorn in the Rebs' side here lately.

"Vandy has excellent effort guys. They give 110% every play. We know that going in and will be motivated to give them the same type of effort," Evan allowed. "We had an OL meeting and it was pretty emotional. We know what we have to do and are determined to do it.

"They will give us their best shot and we will give them ours. Why not us coming out on top? We feel like we have a chance to win every game, so why not start this week?"

In order for the Rebs to get back on track this week, they will have to find a way to run the football.

Swindall knows that for fact.

"When you are able to run the ball, other things open up. We've been able to move it on the ground most of the year, so we have to get that back going again," he closed.

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