Return To Form?

The injury list on the Ole Miss football team seemed to shrink some at Wednesday's practice as "most" who did not dress out yesterday did so today.

It was good to see some familiar numbers back on the practice field Wednesday.

10 (DE C.J. Johnson); 21 (CB Senquez Golson), 56 (DT Woodrow Hamilton); 24 (LB Keith Lewis)and 72 (OG Aaron Morris) were all getting reps Wednesday after sitting out Tuesday's workout.

Unfortunately, there is still a "list" unable to go, i.e., CB Wesley Pendleton, S Trae Elston, LB Aaron Garbutt and Slot Philander Moore.

"I was real pleased with most of them. I thought Senquez had a good day, C.J. too. Aaron did well. Keith was fine. Trae dressed out today, but we held him out. He'll try to go," Reb Coach Hugh Freeze. "Wesley won't be able to go. Aaron Garbutt got released from the hospital today and that's good news. He got badly dehydrated, which created some inflammation to his muscles, which raised concern of his kidneys. They kept him in there long enough to make sure he's back to normal and hopefully we'll get him back next week.

Freeze has talked extensively this week about the Vanderbilt defense. What about the Dore offense?

"It's very complicated. They unbalance you and throw as many formations at you as any team I have ever faced. They are trying to create angles. They understand who they are and they are very balanced. TB Zac Stacy is one of the better backs in the league," Freeze evaluated. "Jordan Rodgers can throw it and Jordan Matthews is an explosive receiver who has made a number of big plays for them.

"With all the sets they give you, plus the Wildcat, you have to be tuned in and focused at all times. They have been impressive in several games offensively."

Random Notes:

* Dehendret Collins will remain at cornerback with Mike Hilton and Brishen Mathews handling Huskie. "Dehendret did OK first half against Georgia, but he got beat some in the second half. It was his first time since spring at CB, so we will keep working him there and make sure he is sound," said Freeze.

Senquez Golson
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* Redshirt freshman Safety Chief Brown - with the emergence of Elston and sophomore FS Cody Prewitt - has been somewhat the odd man out for most of this year. When Prewitt got dinged in the Georgia game, however, Chief took over for him and made some quality plays. Apparently, that performance has brought him more to the forefront in the coaches' minds. With Elston out, Chief is starting to get more reps with the number one defense opposite Prewitt. Frank Crawford is also getting some of those reps, but Chief seemed more visible Wednesday.

* The Rebels worked an extra period on the run game Wednesday. As was noted in yesterday's practice report, the coaches feel the Rebel run game has lost its "edge" in the last game and a half. Part of that was due to the opposition, but part of it Freeze laid at the feet of the offensive line. He promised extra attention to that phase of the game and has given that in extra periods devoted to the run game this week.

* If Morris is able to come back from injury this week and play against Vanderbilt, it will mean the starting OL has not changed all year, to our recollection. Better conditioning certainly is playing a part in their durability. Good job by all.

* Of course, everyone is now aware of the incident on campus last night. Freeze was asked about it. "There are two things. I'm disappointed in the 30-40 that gathered for the demonstration, which happened at a lot of places, and I am very disappointed in our local media that took it upon themselves to run with it and make it into something it wasn't," Hugh said. "We are our own worst enemy when we do those kinds of things and it wasn't proper journalism to me. It is frustrating. When the social media hit, the others came to watch. I don't condone any of that - whoever the President is, we have to move forward, just like a football team. We have to press on to make our country stronger. That is the attitude of so many Rebels - to get better. The truth of what happened was so minor, but it was blown out of proportion. We didn't have to do much damage control - we just had to put out the truth. We were proactive about it. We found out the truth and got that word out."

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