Newberry Misses The Bowl Point

Associated Press writer Paul Newberry wrote a a recent piece, of crap, about what he considers the bad bowl matchups. If he would get off his self-indulging high-horse for one minute, he'd see the big picture instead of his narrow-minded needs.

AP writer Paul Newberry recently took it upon himself to pen a piece belittling some of the bowl matchups that were decided at the end of the college football regular season.

While I, too, have a "couldn't care less" attitude about some of the games, what I realize is that everything is not about me, something lost on Mr. Newberry.

He specifically points out the Ole Miss-Pittsburgh match in his ramblings, writing, "When those kinds of teams get together, they're hoping you throw out the record book. Instead, you should change the channel."

If you aren't a college football purist or a Rebel or a Panther, maybe, just maybe, he's got a point, but he's forgetting the hundreds of thousands of people who are.

He's flippantly casting aside the great pride fans of these two institutions have in their universities and athletic teams.

He's arrogantly reducing those of us who do care about this particular game as insignificant.

His column is indicative of the me-me-me society we live in. It's as if Newberrry is stating, "if I don't care, why should you?"

Judge and jury of what is good television viewing. Pompous and selfish, he apparently is.

In this humble opinion, there probably are too many bowl games. There are several, at least, I will not watch, but it's because I have no vested interest in those particular schools or their sports teams.

Even during the regular season, there are plenty of televised, easily accessible games I do not watch, and I love college football, as a whole.

It's just that my heart is not in those games.

But my heart and soul will be in the Compass Bowl game because the Rebels are playing in it and under the current system - flawed or not - they are worthy of inclusion.

Newberry's biggest point is that the system is flawed and that a true playoff system is the way to go. I don't disagree.

But you don't have to disparage what does exist now to make that point. It is what it is, so why not make the most of it instead of braying like an inbred jackass?

The current cutoff for bowl inclusion, in general, is 6-6. For some teams, that is a down year and a minor bowl would be a hum-drum affair for them.

For my team, in this first-year program, it's a shining accomplishment and something all Rebels I know are proud of.

From where they started to where they are has been nothing short of incredible and, by damned, they should be rewarded for that effort, as a team and as a supporting fan base.

I'm positive there are plenty of folks who feel the same way about their teams and their accomplishments.

I can't wait to see Bo Wallace feed Donte Moncrief again. I am excited to see Denzel Nkemdiche throw his body around one more time this year. It is thrilling to me to see a matchup between two teams trying to add to past traditions and move up the college football ladder.

Newberry says the current bowl system is "a nonprofit scam lining the pockets of its operators with exorbitant salaries." Maybe there is a kernel of truth in that, but if so, why do millions of people still attend and watch these "shams," why do big corporate sponsors keep dolling out millions and millions of dollars to put their names out there and why do networks bid big money to broadcast them?

The answer is simple.

It's about the vast popularity of college football. It's about the love of the game and the devotion true fans have to their team(s) and the sport.

If that's not enough for Paul Newberry, then I can't help him.

He can live in his own self-centered cocoon.

Me? I'll pick and choose the bowls I want to watch and enjoy them, but I won't dare tear down the ones I don't watch, because I know there are plenty of people who care about those games and will be pulling just as hard for their teams as I will be the for the Rebels in the Compass Bowl.

Mr. Newberry, enjoy Honey Boo-Boo, or whatever mindless form of entertainment you will watch instead, I'll be watching college football, in any form it's presented, thank you very much.

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