Offseason Goals

Ole Miss Strength & Conditioning Coach Paul Jackson says he initiated a bigger variety of lifts into the Rebs' offseason program, but the "basics" will always be the main focus. Read about it inside.

Paul Jackson is entering year two as the Ole Miss strength and conditioning coach and while some things will remain the same, there will be a definite "moving forward" this offseason.

"The first few days, we'll reenforce our core values and gauge the personalities on the team," noted Jackson, who got rave "reviews" his first year at the helm of the Rebel weight room. "Each team is different because you lose the leadership provided by the previous seniors and a new personality begins to surface.

"Right now, this team is feeling good about themselves with the way they finished the year, but we have to make sure the guys who take over the leadership roles understand our work ethic and core values and build on what the 2012 team started."

In Jackson's first year, everything was very basic.

"We just wanted to make sure we got stronger and were in great shape last year, so we were super basic in our approach, making sure the guys gained strength and were in excellent condition," he explained. "This year, we'll do more complex stuff - hang snatch, dumbbell work, more speed work, etc.

"We'll gear things this year more to overall coordination, balance, core development, hip stability and locomotion, but we won't put strength and conditioning on the back burner. We'll just move forward with our approach to fine tune more."

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After a year, the Rebels are on schedule to go to more advanced workouts.

"You reset every year, but we feel comfortable moving forward because we had a lot of kids who were hitting PRs (personal records) during bowl season, which is unusual and encouraging," Jackson noted. "We keep a close eye on everything and all year the work we did in the weight room and in practice was giving us positive feedback."

Jackson said the weight staff will be able to focus more on individual needs this year as well.

"Because of the base we've established, we feel comfortable that we'll be able to address specific individual needs early in the offseason. We want to attack those areas from the start this time around and we weren't able to do that last year because of where the team was and the need to stay basic," he said.

And then there is the mental side of the training coin.

"Confidence is bred in the weight room. Proper training helps harness a certain attitude and confidence we are striving for," he said. "A confident athlete can be, will be, more physical.

"We'll train explosively and be aggressive in the weight room. We believe, we know, that will translate into a more aggressive and confident athlete on the field."

With Jackson, that is the bottom line.

"I like violent football players. That comes from power, speed and confidence," he closed. "We'll gear everything toward that and work on those areas the whole time, but we can now go beyond the basics and get more specific in how we reach that goal."

Note: Prior to spring training, we will sit down with Jackson and try to get some info on individual performance and improvement. Stay tuned.

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