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HOOVER, Ala. - Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace addressed a throng of reporters at SEC Media Days and said, matter-of-factly, "I feel better (physically) than I have since JUCO ball." That is music to Ole Miss fans' ears as Bo enters his second year as the Reb QB starter.

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Wallace has no doubts about his surgically repaired shoulder after an excruciatingly slow rehab period that has spanned over five months.

"I'm very excited to be out there competing again and not watching. Everything has been good this summer in seven-on-seven and in continuing my rehab," he said. "I went to the Manning Passing Camp last week and felt like my old self. I felt like I was throwing like I did in junior college ball, which is the best I have ever felt.

"I have experienced some soreness, but it's muscle soreness and was expected. I have had no joint soreness."

Wallace reflected on last year some, but would like to put that behind him and used it only as a reference to where he is now health-wise.

"Due to my shoulder, I had to strides longer and that messed up my mechanics and delivery. I had to make so many compensations just to get the ball down the field," he said . "Now, my mechanics are smoother and my stride is shorter. I feel real good."

In spring, being sidelined, Wallace admits to being a bit depressed.

"I couldn't practice, the early rehab was real light and it didn't seem like I was making much progress. I lost my patience and got depressed, but slowly things started turning for the better," he said. "Now, I am grateful we took things slowly and rehabbed the right way. I'm very happy how things turned out."

Wallace did use the time of as a time to learn.

Bo Wallace
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"I talked to Eli (Manning) and he told me to take that opportunity to become a better student of the game. I took his advice. I feel I learned a lot by spending my time in the film room,"Bo continued. "When I came back in seven-on-seven, I could see some things more clearly as they were unfolding."

Wallace knows what he has to do to improve his play from 2012, when he had, in his words, "too many really bad decisions" that led to way too many turnovers and missed opportunities.

"I have to make better decisions. The window in the SEC is small. I know that now and I have to adjust my game accordingly. I made some really poor plays last year and if we are going to win games, I can't throw 16 or 17, or whatever it was, interceptions. Hopefully, my experience will pay off," he stated.

Wallace is not taking anything for granted. He said he does not even consider himself the starter.

"I'm always going to play and compete with a chip on my shoulder like I have something to prove. That's just me. Barry (Brunetti) and the others are going to push and fight for the job. I have to win it like I was able to do last year. Coming off a shoulder injury, I am even more driven to prove myself," he said. "I'll be fighting to win a job and fighting to be the best quarterback I can be."

Wallace is excited about the potential of the 2013 Rebels.

"We've got four returning starters up front, a bunch of good backs, a great bunch of wide outs with one of the best, Donte Moncrief,as the leader and some god young players like Laquon Treadwell and Quincy Adeboyejo, who have really impressed us this summer and gained our respect," he said. "We feel we can be a better offense this year than last year."

Beyond making better decisions and protecting the ball better, Wallace says he is going to try to protect himself better when he runs the ball.

"I'm more good to the team healthy than hurt. I talked to Eli about it and we both said that sliding is awkward, but it's necessary to stay healthy. I will pick my spots on when to slide and when to get one more yard, but at the same time, I'm a competitor and will keep that mindset," he closed.

The main thing garnered from his talk with the press was that he is healthy and he is ready to go when practice begins.

That alone draws a big sigh of relief for all involved.

As Wallace said, bring on the season.

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