Staying The Course

Jordan Holder has waited his turn. Now it may be coming his way.

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The senior Rebel wide receiver is in the mix to make more noise than he has before during his Ole Miss tenure.

Hugh Freeze said this week that could be the case.

"I think Jordan is on his way to earning some time," said the second-year Ole Miss head coach. "It's a little early to be prognosticating who is going to exactly play. But it would not shock me at all. Wouldn't surprise me at all. He's had a great camp. And he loves Ole Miss."

The latter point might or might not contribute to making a receiver capable of playing in the Southeastern Conference. But in Holder's case, that red and blue runs awfully deep.

His father, Jamie, and his uncle, Jeffrey, were receivers on Billy Brewer-coached Rebel teams. They made an impact, just as Jordan hopes to be able to do more of this season.

"The main thing is I've just tried to stay consistent and earn my spot on the bus," said Holder, a fifth-year senior who has lettered twice but only appeared in four games. "Just work hard and know the plays."

It's what Holder has always done, with a large degree of patience.

Receiver is a position of depth and talent for the Rebels, with returnees like Donte Moncrief, Ja-Mes Logan, and Cody Core.

At this point one of the go-to guys, Vince Sanders, is out with a broken collar bone.

Talented newcomers like Laquon Treadwell and Quincy Adeboyejo will likely play and also add great depth.

Still Holder believes he is in a position to contribute to the cause. He feels good about the camp he's having.

Jordan Holder
Josh McCoy

"I think I've just been more consistent," said the Bay Springs native and Sylva Bay Academy product. "Most of the time (in previous seasons), it's been like a roller coaster, up and down, up and down. But (this August) I've really tried to stick to my assignments and do what I'm supposed to do."

There's the question of tight end depth for the Rebels. That could make for some changes in the way the offensive schemes are carried out. Holder and other receivers are aware of that, and he said that's figured in some through August work.

"With depth issues at tight end, we've been running more four wide with receivers," he said. "It's definitely picked up with the tight end situation. But Evan Engram has really stepped it up. I think we'll see more tight end movement as camp moves along."

The 5-foot-11, 179-pound Holder admits there were times during his career he didn't believe he would have a chance to contribute.

"If you've been here as long as I have, it definitely crosses your mind," he said. "But you've just got to stick to it, work hard, and hope it works out for you."

That's something the Holders have always done when it comes to Ole Miss football. They wanted to play here, and they ultimately got that chance. Now for Jordan, it's all about contributing additionally in year five of a Rebel career he always dreamed of having.

"It's what I came here for. I didn't just come here to say I was on the team." Holder said. "I want to help out and win some games."

What would that ultimately mean for Jordan Holder?

"It would mean everything."

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