Game Rehearsal

It wasn't full speed. There was no contact, but the Rebels went through a closed game rehearsal in the stadium tonight. The offense wore the new blue pants and white and blue jerseys and the defense wore the traditional grey pants, red jerseys. Hugh Freeze said it went "OK," for the most part.

"I need to watch the film. We tried not to go full speed and we went over every situation, substitutions and such. It was kind of sluggish," said Freeze. "We didn't have any substitution issues, everything was clean on the sidelines, our special teams were good.

"I think we got something out of it. It was OK. I think they thought I meant a walk-through. I wanted a little more than that, so there was probably no way to please me tonight."

Freeze cleared up any debate about the backup quarterback issue when asked about the two frosh QBs - Ryan Buchanan and Devante Kincade.

"Both are going to be very good. Who would play if needed would depend on the gameplan we carry," he said. "Ryan has a great understanding of where the ball should go and the timing of it. He's young and his arm strength will improve as he matures. Kincade is athletic who has good zip on the ball. He is athletically ahead right now. I hope I don't have to play either one of them dearly in the season, but we will have to make a travel decision real soon."

So who is number two?

"Barry (Brunetti) is the number two. He will be the guy we use if we need a number two to finish a game. What he does with that opportunity will determine where we go from there," he noted. "He's the guy and we certainly hope he gets the job done. He's had some good practices and is the solid two right now. I hope it stays that way for him, the team and the young kids. It would be great to redshirt them."

Freeze has talked a lot about the benefit of the returning players being in the system for the second year. Does that apply to the coaches as well? Freeze believes it does.

"I haven't had to spend near the amount of time I did last year in the offensive room because Matt (Luke) was brand new and so was Dan (Werner) to the tempo offense, as well as Derrick (Nix). There was a lot of teaching going on in that room," he explained. "Last year, I always felt like I needed to be in there. Now, I have great trust in them. I am leaning on them heavily to do the third down and red zone stuff. I will still handle the tempo stuff.

Jeff Scott
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"There's no question year two is much easier, particularly on me and we have a stronger chemistry among us."

Random Notes:

Freeze was asked about TB I'Tavius Mathers' progress coming off an ankle injury. "It has been slower, slower than I had hoped," Hugh noted. "He did some running today, but I wish he was ready to go and I don't think he is right now. We will take some time off this weekend and hopefully he will be ready to go Monday.

*Senior TB Jeff Scott hasn't gotten a lot of reps this fall camp, for a couple of reasons, according to Freeze.

"We haven't given him many reps. I think we ran him too much last year for a person of his stature and body," said Freeze. "He was not the same guy at the end of the year as he was early in the year. We know what he can do and we needed to get the younger guys some reps to see what they can do. He probably hasn't gotten more than 12 team reps a day. He does all the indo and extra conditioning, but the younger guys have gotten the most reps.

"I am very proud of the young man he has become, on and off the field. He is valuable to us."

Scott agrees with the way fall camp was divided up.

"I feel so fresh right now. I got banged up in camp last year," said Scott. "The younger guys needed reps and I can stay sharp mentally and physically with limited reps.

"I am more focused now. This is my last year of college football and I want to go out with a bang. I want to make a mark."

Jeff also concurred with Freeze about his off-the-field changes.

"I've matured. I just grew up and have surrounded myself with good people who want to be better and that's what I want to be - better," he noted.

Scott believes in the Rebel offense.

"We understand this offense now. Last year was the first time we had run a tempo offense. We get it now - we know it and know what it takes," he closed.

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