After one game, due to injury and "non-performance," Ole Miss Defensive Coordinator Dave Wommack has gone back to the drawing board and shuffled some players around, for now.

It's no secret the Rebel cornerbacks graded poorly in the opener, a 39-35 SEC win over Vanderbilt in Nashville.

It's no secret that All-SEC OLB Denzel Nkemdiche tore a lateral meniscus ligament in his knee and will miss "4-6" weeks after Saturday surgery.

And it's now no secret that Rebel DC Dave Wommack is not going to stand pat. He's shuffling the deck a bit this week with some personnel moves.

"We moved Mike Hilton from Husky to cornerback and moved Dehendret Collins from corner to Husky, where he played last year," Wommack said. "Also, we moved Keith Lewis from middle linebacker to outside linebacker to help Serderius Bryant in Denzel's absence. We are also looking at Cody Core at safety."

There will also be a new starter in the secondary - Chief Brown will get the nod against Southeast Missouri this week over Trae Elston.

Wommack was pleased with the play of the defensive line and the safeties, but not so much with the linebackers and corners.

Some of the issues were "the little things."

"You have to coach those things constantly. These are 18-21 year olds who sometimes come from an undisciplined background from a football standpoint," he explained. "You have to continually harp on those things.

"The good teams get better at them every week. The bad teams don't."

Wommack has a good feeling about moving Hilton.

"I'm excited he's there. Mike is a competitor and has a lot of football sense," noted Wommack.

Chuck Rounsaville

"Cody (Core) also intrigues me. For the first day (Tuesday), he did fine. I think he can help this team on both sides of the ball. It will take some time to get him up to speed, but he's a good athlete and one of the fastest players on the team. I look forward to getting some reps from him."

As for the linebackers, Wommack wants more.

"They can play better as a group. I thought we played out of control. We have to do a better job there, as players and as coaches," Wommack stated. "I was pleased that D.T. (Shackelford) did not look to be too hampered from injury on his comeback bid, but he was out of control some too."

On the Brown start, Wommack was matter-of-fact.

"Chief will start. He did some very good things in the Vandy game and was very steady. He had a good spring and I knew he was coming, but I expect Trae to play a lot as well," he said. "It's been hard at times for Chief to play both safety slots. It would be hard on anyone.

"But this is what we are faced with. I know a lot of people believe we are deeper than last year, but the fact is that we signed seven defensive players and two are playing. We just are not there yet with a two-deep across the board. So some players have had to play different positions, which can hurt their effectiveness."

Wommack said he has also been pleased with Brishen Mathews at free safety since he has returned from injury.

"Brishen has done a real good job in practice since he has been back. Hopefully we will be better and I would like to get where I don't have to double-train several players. It takes way from the little things."

The Rebs did not appear to get a lot of pass rush out of their front four until the second half, and then it was limited. Wommack said there was a reason.

"We had two thoughts on that - we wanted to protect our young corners who were getting their first starts and we needed to contain their QB, who was a good scrambler," said Wommack. "We were not real aggressive, by design, with our pass rush. Our four-man rush was decent at times, but in this day and time, the ball gets out so quickly sometimes that you just can't get there.

"Give Vandy some credit too - they had a quality, veteran OL."

The Rebs will have to shift gears this week against SEMO.

"We'll get a lot of option this week and it's a different mindset defensively. It's totally assignment football," Wommack said. "Their coach has a Nebraska background, so I know what we will see.

"It's all about discipline, but it always is. This will just be a different kind of discipline because the keys will be different, etc."

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