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Obviously, Texas Coach Mack Brown is feeling the heat from the beatdown BYU gave his team Saturday night. In his Monday morning press conference, Brown was polite, but brief with his answers.

Mack Brown's Monday morning Big 12 teleconference revealed very little in the six minutes it lasted.

It was obvious, he wasn't in the mood to be second guessed, but he was mostly polite, and short, with his answers.

It went down like this:

Mack, what was the most surprising or disappointing aspects of the game with BYU?

"Two things, that I said after the game. One, our gameplan was to stop the run and we didn't come close. Two, we did not convert on third or fourth downs," he noted, and stopped there with no further explanation.

Why do you think you had so much trouble at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball?

"A lot of it wasn't line of scrimmage. It was option responsibility down the field. Then we had too many third-and-longs on offense," Brown stated, almost sheepishly. "A lot of guys on the line of scrimmage played well."

What do you feel like Greg Robinson can bring to the table in his role as the new defensive coordinator?

"When Greg was here, we played really hard on defense, we were sound and we tackled well. He brings a lot of energy to the table," Brown said. "The other thing is that we hired him in July, so he is in tune with our personnel. He has watched our practices since we hired him as a self-evaluator. He's studied a lot of the things we did last year and he has some gameplan thoughts on the next opponent. He's a natural fit to step in."

David Ash
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What does QB David Ash need to do this week as you prepare for Mississippi?

"Just play with confidence and be a great leader. We had 82 plays last week but did not convert on third and fourth downs," Mack responded. "We didn't turn the ball over. With 82 plays, you have to have more than 21 points. We have to make more plays."

Is Ash going to be able to go this week?

"We will release that information at the weekly press conference," he said, abruptly.

When did you decide to make the change at DC?

"I watched the video on the way home. Watched it again and felt like we needed to make a change," Brown relayed. "I think it is obvious why."

Normally when a head coach makes a change midstream there is a perception there is a panic to it. Why is this not the case?

"It's not a panic move because it is early in the season and Greg Robinson has been here on our staff. We knew there was improvement after mid-season last year and we needed that improvement to surface and continue early this year and it didn't," Brown assessed. "We've got better players than we have production right now, so that's the reason the decision was made."

Why do you feel you are still the best person to continue to lead Longhorn football?

"I just want to beat Ole Miss this weekend," he closed.

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