Short and Sweet

He wasn't surly. He wasn't annoyed. He wasn't rude. But Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace wasn't his normal "chatty" self to the media at Monday's press conference. After his comments were blown out of context and proportion last week by some of the media, who can blame him?

Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace had a rare economy of words Monday when he met the press for the weekly gathering.

Wallace was "burned" for some of his comments last week regarding Alabama and the Texas A&M receivers, so he opted to give brief, concise, no-way-to-inflame comments this week.

He was cordial, but he was not about to be misunderstood again.

No more bulletin board material, even though most of it was contrived to begin with.

It went like this:

Q: Why was Alabama able to shut you guys out?

Wallace: Mmmmm, they had a good plan against us.

Q: What were some of the mistakes you talked about after the game?

Bo Wallace
Associated Press

Wallace: I made some bad throws. I made some bad decisions, like hanging on a safety too long. Our spacing wasn't good. Just small things.

Q: What have you seen out of Auburn's defense?

Wallace: I think they play a lot harder than they did last year. I've just watched a little bit so far, so I can't tell you much.

Q: What do you think Auburn's mindset is, comparing the Tigers to Ole Miss from last year?

Wallace: I think it's probably the same.

Q: What can you take from the Alabama game?

Wallace: We just have to change some things up and go back to work.

Q: What do you mean by changing things up?

Wallace: The way we call plays, the scheme, those things.

Q: Is there anything you can take from overcoming the emotional close losses last year to this game against Alabama?

Wallace: Those were easier to take than this one. I've never been shut out. The last couple of nights - I'm still upset about it.

Q: What did Alabama do to stop the perimeter game?

Wallace: They played their ends outside.

Q: Anyone try that before?

Wallace: Georgia.

Q: Do you expect to see more of that now?

Wallace: Yes, we have to have a plan for it.

Q: How are the young guys responding?

Wallace: I talked to Laquon (Treadwell) today and he's focused on Auburn. I'm sure the others are the same.

Q: How important is the wide receiver blocking in the perimeter game?

Wallace: Huge. We just couldn't get outside the ends for them to show what they can do last week. They'll block hard if given the opportunity. Coach (Grant) Heard coaches that up hard and they take pride in it.

Bo Wallace
Associated Press

Q: Is it hard to get guys who are used to getting the ball to block effectively?

Wallace: Not our guys. It's part of Donte's mentality and Laquon loves to block. All of our guys are physical guys who like to block.

Q: How much has it meant to have Ryan Aplin around this year?

Wallace: Huge. Especially during camp when things weren't going well for me. He had had shoulder surgery like me, and some of the things he told me to help me get through really helped.

Q: What was your relationship with him at ASU?

Wallace: I don't want to say big brother, but it was good. We'd ride to practice together, things like that.

Q: Talk about the impact Evan Engram has had. Has he been a surprise to you?

Wallace: When I first saw him and his (body) frame, I thought he might redshirt, but then I saw how athletic he was and that he could make plays for you. I'm really excited about him. I trust him.

Q: What about having Vincent Sanders back?

Wallace: Vince is a playmaker. To have him back is a good thing.

Short, sweet and to the point. Nothing inflammatory there.

Who can blame him?

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