Another Tall Order

There are no "breaks" in the SEC. Just ask the Ole Miss Rebel defense. Straight off of trying to keep pace with Texas A&M's spread offense and Johnny Manziel, the Rebs now have to face a more traditional, but also potent, offense presented by LSU.

LSU's offense does not concern itself with trickery or fancy formations or much of anything else utilized by many in today's newfangled world of college offensive football.

No, sir.

They just line up, old school, and come right at you, betting their athletes are better than your athletes, their athletes are faster than your athletes, their athletes are stronger than your athletes.

And, as their record and ranking shows, most of the time they are correct.

Rebel Defensive Coordinator Dave Wommack knows what faces his injury-riddled defense this week when the Tigers come to town.

"We've got some people down and we have to move some people around, but we will adjust," Wommack noted. "We will be facing a team that plays a style of what football used to be.

"Pro-style, smash-mouth and a great play-action game. The best way to explain it is they have only two receivers who have caught passes. One has caught 47 and one has caught 38 and the third-most receptions is a tailback who has caught eight. They will go with two backs and one tight end or two backs and two tights. They come right at you. They are as physical as any team we will play this year."

Dave Wommack
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Much like the LSU offense will be "right there in your face," so are Wommack's keys to the game.

"The keys are very simple this week. Their running backs, their two wideouts and their QB is vastly improved from last year," he simplified. "It's easy to get sucked up in close to try and stop their running attack and then you are left man-to-man on those great receivers.

"It could be a long night if you don't have some help out there for the corners. Their two receivers put up 200 yards of total offense a game between them. That's a lot, obviously. They go and get the ball, no matter where it is. They don't drop the ball this year. They dropped it some last year, but those days seem to be over this time around. They aren't the biggest or fastest we will face, but they are extremely good, extremely."

Wommack has been impressed with the play of Tiger QB Zach Mettenberger this year much more than last season.

"He's playing with a lot of confidence. Unbelievable confidence. He's comfortable in the system and I don't think they ask him to do too much," said Wommack. "He has really improved his passing and his patience."

TB Jeremy Hill is also a major concern for Wommack, along with a bevy of other good backs. But Hill is "the beast." The downhiller who makes it happen for the Tigers.

"He's tough, real tough, but last year I thought we did a decent job of stopping the run most of the time," he stated. "We forced them into doing some things they didn't want to do last year.

"Even thought they have a different offensive coordinator, they haven't changed a whole lot. They are very similar."

The Rebs are looking at DT Bryon Bennett to slide outside to defensive end due to the injuries to C.J. Johnson, Robert Nkemdiche and Carlos Thompson, which has left DE very thin.

"We are doing the best we can trying to come up with a two-deep," Wommack noted. "I love these guys and know they will play hard. They will be excited when kickoff rolls around.

"We are not going to lament injuries. They are a part of the game. We will fill in the gaps and the kids we put out there will give their very best. I have no doubts about that."

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