Prewitt Knows

Immediately after the 24-10 loss to Missouri, Ole Miss junior Safety Cody Prewitt turned his attention to the Egg Bowl, Ole Miss' annual rivalry with Mississippi State.

Cody Prewitt knows, like all Rebel players, the deal.

It's Egg Bowl week and nothing else, for the time being, matters.

After the 24-10 loss to Missouri, who proved its Top 10 worthiness in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium Saturday night, Prewitt answered a few obligatory questions about the performance against the Tigers, but his attention turned quickly to Mississippi State.

"We didn't play well enough to beat Missouri," said Prewitt. "That's the bottom line, but we're trashing that game tonight. There's nothing we can do about that now.

"We're already thinking about Mississippi State. That was the message from the coaches immediately after the (Missouri) game, but they really didn't even have to say it."

The shoe is on the other foot this year.

Last year, with the game in Oxford, the Rebels had to beat MSU to become bowl eligible while State was already in.

The driven and focused Rebels defeated the Bulldogs 41-24 and the crowd rushed the field.

This time around is the exact opposite.

Ole Miss, sitting at 7-4, is assured a bowl game regardless of the outcome of the Egg Bowl, while State, who has the Rebs at their place, will be fighting for that sixth win and to extend their season with postseason play.

Prewitt gets it.

Cody Prewitt
Josh McCoy

"You have to understand the rivalry. To me, it doesn't matter what our record is when we play that game. We can't lose it," he said. "We are the flagship university and we have to keep it that way.

"We have to win the Egg Bowl."

Prewitt didn't seem to have many concerns about the quick turnaround from Saturday night to Thursday night.

"The biggest challenge is for the young guys to get over the loss tonight and the little mistakes we made," he said. "It's going to have to happen though. This game is already in the trash. We have to come in tomorrow and start focusing on State, with all our focus.

"The older guys will guide the younger guys through it. There's no licking our wounds this week."

Prewitt was a freshman the last time the Rebels went to Starkville and it was not a good experience.

The Bulldogs trounced the Rebs 31-3 as Ole Miss finished out a dismal 2-10 season.

"I have put that year behind me, except that game," he noted. "As bad as we were all year, that game sticks in your throat.

"When you are raised in this state, you don't ever want them to have the upper hand, but they worked us over pretty good in 2011. Really, that's all I could think about going into the 2012 Egg Bowl. That's why last year's game was so gratifying. It was important to go to a bowl game and to show we were turning the program around, but, to me, it was just as important to get back the egg."

Prewitt knows what will be facing the Rebels when they head to Starkville.

"I fully anticipate Mississippi State to play their best game of the year," he noted. "We will get everything they've got and they will be on an emotional high and have a loud crowd there backing them up.

"We'll have to be prepared for an all-out war."

Prewitt, can't wait, but he doesn't have to wait long.

"I'm already anxious. My biggest challenge will be not getting too hyped," he closed. "It'll be another SEC war, but not just any war."

Nope. It's the Egg Bowl.

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