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Normally, the Rebels take Monday's off as the NCAA required day off every seven days, but with the short turnaround with Thursday's game in Starkville, Coach Hugh Freeze had the Rebels grinding in the Manning Canter.

The Rebel didn't have time to lick their wounds from the 24-10 loss to Missouri Saturday night because they had to get right back on the practice horse Sunday due to the short turnaround and playing Thursday night in Starkville in the annual Egg Bowl battle with Mississippi State.

"We trashed the Missouri game Saturday night. Usually, that's a Sunday thing, when we put the last game behind us and lift some weights to help get the soreness out," said Freeze. "Then, we take Mondays off. This week, we have to accelerate everything and aren't getting a day off."

Freeze was pleased with Monday's practice session in the Manning Center.

"We had good work," he noted. "I think the guys understand we don't have time to waste and they were tuned in today.

"We've got a lot more to get done the next two days or so, but if they will take the approach they took today, we will be OK."

Freeze was asked about the time frame and if there are any restraints that concern him.

"Schematically, I don't consider having a quick turnaround being that big of an issue. We are who we are and we have repped what we are going to do a thousand times since August, basically," said Freeze. "The only thing that bothers me a little bit is that if we were playing Saturday instead of Thursday we would have two more days to heal up a little bit, but Mississippi State is in the same boat, so it all evens out. From a mental standpoint, I think we will be fine. I wish we had more time for physical recovery, but we don't and neither do they."

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Random Notes:

* Quarterback Bo Wallace dressed out for practice Monday even though Freeze said in his press conference earlier in the day that his flu-like symptoms are still present. In pre-practice warmup drills, Bo did not appear to be doing as much warming up as the other QBs, but in the walk-through portion of practice, he did participate. "He's better than he was Saturday, but he's still not well yet," Hugh stated.

* The rumor going around that flu has swept through the team is completely false. That rumor, we've been told, started on Twitter and went viral. Repeat: it's not true.

* The stereo on the sidelines used every day at practice to play different genres of music, was screaming Monday with a recording of cowbells and they were loud in that man-made practice cave.

* LT Laremy Tunsil, who had some minor knee issues against Missouri (mostly his knee brace rubbing wrong), was dressed out and looked fine Monday. The big freshman was playing around doing a jump ball drill with another OL prior to practice in full gear.

* DT Woodrow Hamilton did not dress out Monday. After the Missouri game, he complained of lower back pain. No word yet on his status for Thursday or the severity of the injury.

* Senior CB Charles Sawyer, who has missed several weeks with a quad pull, returned to practice Monday.

* TB Jeff Scott was back in the training room Monday with an undisclosed health issue. Will he be available for the Egg Bowl? TBD. If Jeff cannot go, look for Jordan Holder to resume punt return duties he performed while Jeff was out part of this year.

* In the Mississippi press release handed out today, they listed freshman Damian Williams as the starting QB and Dak Prescott or Sam Cowart as the backup, but it was reported today that in his presser Bulldog Coach Dan Mullen said Dak would not be available and Tyler Russell, although not 100%, would play. How do the Rebel coaches attack planning for which QB will play? Plan for all of them. The good thing? MSU does a lot of the same things - schematically - that Ole Miss does on offense, so it's not like Rebel defenders will be completely in the dark no matter who is taking the snaps.

* WR Cody Core, who is a valuable part of the Rebel special teams, missed Saturday's game against Missouri with a high ankle sprain. He was not dressed out today and is considered doubtful for the Egg Bowl.

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