Bo's Mission

Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace ended the regular season on a sour note and carrying around, in his own words, a "weak arm." Although it's going to take some time to build his right arm back up, and it won't happen before the Music City Bowl, he is determined to get the bad taste out of his mouth.

Rebel QB Bo Wallace was cruising along having what most observers felt was a terrific season.

Then, disaster, from a football viewpoint, struck.

Wallace, through 10 games, had led the Rebels to a 7-3 record, was on pace to throw for around 3300 yards, and had thrown 17 TD passes and only four interceptions, a very good TD-interceptions ratio.

Then, out of the blue, with Missouri headed to Oxford in what could have been a classic showdown, Wallace came down with flu-like symptoms.

He valiantly fought through it and actually played a pretty good game, but he threw one pick and the Rebs - scoring over 30 points a game at the time - managed only one TD, a 45-yard run by TB I'tavius Mathers.

Then, in Starkville, Wallace threw four interceptions and the Rebels did not get in the end zone via offense in a 17-10 overtime loss.

Wallace ended the regular season with a solid overall worksheet: 261-405 (64.4%), for 3090 yards with 17 TDs and nine interceptions, but a bad taste in his mouth.

Wallace has stewed in his disappointment from the Egg Bowl.

"It was real frustrating not to have a game right after the Egg Bowl to be able to go out and get a little redemption," said Wallace. "Waiting to play again has been tough. I'm excited to get to play another game in the Music City Bowl.

"We just didn't execute very well in the last two games offensively. The defense gave us a chance to win both those games and we didn't get it done. We have to execute better."

One key, Wallace and Coach Hugh Freeze have said repeatedly is getting the run game going again.

Bo Wallace
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"With Jeff (Scott) back and having installed a few new things, I expect the run game to be back to where it was in the middle of the season," he said.

A rejuvenated run game will certainly help the offensive cause, but sooner or later, it will come down to Wallace's arm.

"In games, with my adrenaline going, I feel I can make every throw and have made some good ones this year, but there is a real difference in me this year and last year," he said. "The good thing is that my shoulder is pain-free and sound.

"I just have to get stronger and get my muscle tone back like I had it last year."

Now, it's time to deal with the Georgia Tech defense, that Wallace respects.

"They have a defensive end (Jeremiah Attachou) who could play for anyone we've faced," Wallace noted. "He's a problem we'll have and we have to have a plan to contain him.

"They're a solid defense on the same level we have faced all year."

Wallace said the Rebs are excited about the opportunity to play in the bowl game.

"We're motivated. All of us want to go out on a high note and enter into the offseason and recruiting with a good taste in our mouths," he explained. "We need this one."

After the season, Wallace anticipates having a productive offseason, something he was not able to do leading of the regular season due to rehabbing a surgically repaired shoulder.

"You see me out here. It's really frustrating my arm is as weak as it is," he said. "That's just from not being able to work out last summer. I'm excited to get into the offseason program with Coach Jackson and get my arm back right.

"This year, I have been playing the game with my mind. I haven't been able to make throws I have made as a freshman or a sophomore. I can't wait to get my strength back and go into my senior year with my mind and my body right."

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