Rebel Twins

Bassfield Coach Lance Mancuso, who wins state titles regularly, says his twins - Alvin and Calvin Moore - will make an impact on the Ole Miss football team for lots of reasons.

When you have a football program like Bassfield Coach Lance Mancuso has built, state titles are always the goal.

Mancuso, in his sixth year leading the Bassfield charge, has won the gold ball for 2A in Mississippi in 2009, 2012 and 2013.

He gives all credit to his players, and a lot of it to Ole Miss commits Alvin and Calvin Moore, identical twins who cast their lots with the Rebels back in the summer and have stuck solidly.

"They were the foundation of our team," Mancuso said. "For a minute, forget they're tremendous athletes, I'll get into that later. The twins have unbelievable work ethic, high character and they're model student-athletes, on and off the field.

"Their leadership has been tremendous. They're top-notch kids who our whole community looks at with respect."

Even though they are identical twins, the recruiting services have them listed with Alvin being bigger than Calvin. Mancuso said there isn't that much difference.

"We even get them confused sometimes," he laughed. "Calvin is 5-11 1/2 and Alvin is 6-0. Calvin weighs about 185, Alvin is a little thicker at 195. There's not a lot of difference."

Mancuso spoke of Calvin first.

"When you couple tremendous ability with being a very smart football player with a very good knowledge of the game, you have a pretty special package," Mancuso continued. "He had a command of the field - he was our quarterback.

Calvin Moore
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"Calvin, who we call C.J., is an explosive athlete with speed, knowledge and leadership skills."

It is anticipated Ole Miss will use Calvin at cornerback. Mancuso likes the fit.

"There will be a learning curve there for him because he has never played there. There will be a lot of techniques Calvin will have to learn, but he is such a fast learner and skilled athlete, it will come naturally to him, I believe," Mancuso noted.

Calvin won the state powerlifting title for his weight classification and has been timed at Nike camps with a laser at a consistent 4.4 flat 40 time.

"Calvin has bumped 4.38 a couple of times, but he's a legit 4.4 every time," Mancuso said. "He's also very strong.

"In short, C.J. brings a tremendous skill set to the table. His ceiling is really high."

Alvin, or A.J., as Mancuso calls him, is just as impressive, if not more so, as his twin.

"Alvin is one of those players that comes around once or twice in a coach's career," said Mancuso. "Like Calvin, his skill set is outstanding, but what separates him from the pack is his work ethic and dedication to football. It's unbelievable. He's the hardest-working young man I've been around - he's at another level in that regard."

On the field, Alvin brings aggression.

"He's a linebacker type the way he plays the game. He's a downhill, very physical player with outstanding speed and quickness," noted Mancuso. "He is a legit 4.3 40 guy, timed with a laser. He has touched in the 4.2s as well on laser at camps. He's also very strong.

"A.J. is the kind of player every Division-I coach in America is looking for. He's the total package - strength, character, work ethic, quickness, speed, physical nature, smart, coachable. . . what else is there?" Mancuso asked.

Mancuso said those traits are what drew the twins to Ole Miss.

"To be honest, I was a little surprised they committed as early as they did, but when they got to visit Ole Miss and get to know the coaches and some players there, they fell in love," Mancuso closed. "They've never blinked from that decision."

There is a P.S. to the story. Bassfield has another very talented player coming up in Mancuso's program - Jamal Peters.

Stay tuned for his recruitment, which has already begun. . . . .

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