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D.K. Buford spent some time watching film with Coach Dave Wommack over the weekend on his visit. The offensive coaches got wind of that.

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Buford, a 6-foot, 203-pound "athlete" from Lafayette County High School, has long been committed to Ole Miss. So that battle's over. Now there seems to be a tug of war for which side of the ball he will wind up on with the Rebels.

"Right now I'm listed as an athlete. But they feel like I'm going to work on the offensive side of the ball," Buford said. "I talked to both (running backs) Coach (Derrick) Nix and Coach Wommack, and Coach Wommack would love to have me on the defensive side of the ball. We went over some defensive plays, as a matter of fact, this weekend, and he said he would love to have me over there. But he just doesn't think that he'll be able to get me over there since I play running back as well."

Not if the offensive coaches have anything to do with it, it appears.

"I was messing with (offensive line) Coach (Matt) Luke this weekend, and he said, ‘So you went to go watch a little film with Coach Wommack and went over some plays with him.' He was like ‘You're a sellout.' We laughed about it."

Buford, a local player familiar with Ole Miss and Oxford, said the weekend was still a learning experience.

"I had a whole lot of fun," he said. "I learned some things. As far as like weight-lifting, it's going to be more explosive type stuff and getting bigger. We'll work on speed and acceleration more than just having all that muscle. You've got to have that acceleration as well.

"I learned a lot about Ole Miss itself. It was a big learning experience for me and my parents as well."

D.K. Buford
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His host was a former teammate at Lafayette High, Elliott Markuson. Buford already knew some of the recruits in for the weekend.

"I knew some of them since we played in the Mississippi-Alabama game together," he said. "Some of them were from the Dandy Dozen photo shoot. Me and Sammie Epps, we played against each other this past season and previous years before that. So I knew some of them pretty well from seeing them at other events.

"Sammie and I are pretty close. The twins, Alvin and Calvin (Moore). Most of the instate recruits are close because of the simple fact that we've known each other quite a while."

Buford said he talked up Ole Miss all he could to recruits, and that he would ask them to see what they thought of things here.

"Every chance I would get I'd ask different players and different recruits how did they like the atmosphere here," he said. "This was the place for them to be, because Coach (Hugh) Freeze and his coaching staff are great and they're real positive with us."

As for Buford, there is no doubting where he wants to play college football.

"My commitment is as strong as ever," he said of Ole Miss. "I'm excited about it."

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