The next Moncrief?

With Donte Moncrief leaving for the NFL early, Ole Miss Coach Hugh Freeze knew he needed to find a dynamic receiver to play in the Rebs' high-flying, tempo offense. The Rebs' number one target was just South of Hattiesburg in Purvis, MS, by the name of Markell Pack.

There's never been a doubt who Ole Miss wanted to come in and team up with last year's SEC Freshman of the Year Laquon Treadwell in 2014.

There's never been any doubt who Ole Miss' number one target at wideout has been.

There's never been a doubt who can make an immediate impact on the Rebel receiving corps.

Markell Pack.

The Rebs have been on the dynamic Pack since the summer before his junior season, and for good reason.

At 4A Purvis, the quiet young man who lets his play do his talking, rarely left the field.

"I played quarterback, wide receiver, free safety, cornerback, punt returner and kickoff returner," said the humble Pack recently.

His numbers, which he called "OK," reflect and put an exclamation point on his value to his team.

Markell rushed for 1,170 yards and 14 TDs on just 103 carries, over 11 yards a tote, from the QB slot. He also caught 35 passes good for 528 yards, roughly 15 yards a reception. He even passed for 94 yards. He was stellar on defense as well.

For his efforts, not surprisingly, Pack was named the Region 7 4A Player of the Year and First-Team 4A All-State.

Also not surprisingly, when Freeze and Ole Miss got Markell's commitment in November, there was elation in the Rebel camp and in Rebel Nation.

Players of Pack's ability don't come along often and to gain his services is a major feather in the Rebs' cap as Freeze builds his program brick by brick.

The 6-3, 194-pound Pack, who runs the 40 "in the 4.4s," appears to be the heir apparent to Donte Moncrief, who left Ole Miss early for the NFL.

"I feel I'm versatile and can do whatever is needed," said Pack, who had to be coaxed to boast a little. "I have good raw talent and I am a quick learner.

"I think I can step in and play early, like Laquon (Treadwell) did. I like how the wide receivers are used in the offense Ole Miss runs. We get a lot of chances to make plays and have the ball in our hands."

Markell is also known for making the tough catches in traffic.

"I believe I have good body control and a feel for the ball in the air," he added. "My timing is good too."

And you don't just have to hear it from Pack. Recruiting analysts feel the same way.

From Chad Simmons of

"Pack is a physical wideout who consistently catches the ball in traffic. He can go across the middle, he can get down the field, and he can high-point the ball from his position. He has the frame to add another 20-25 pounds, he has good initial quickness off the line, and he can block down the field. He can work on his top end speed and his overall route-running skills. He is a tough receiver with strength and hands."

Speaking of Treadwell, many compare the two regularly. Imagine them on opposite sides of the field. Who do you double team or shade to?

"I think having the kind of receivers they have at Ole Miss will open things up for all of us," Pack noted. "In that offense, we should all have a lot of opportunities."

Pack said he will be at Ole Miss on June 1st, ready to rumble.

"I want to come in early, work on my routes and get in great shape, maybe put on a few pounds," he closed. "I want to put myself in position to get in the lineup. My goal is to start."

Many feel Pack's goals are not only legitimate, but likely.

Markell Pack has the gift and. . .

. . . there's never been a doubt.

Bringing that gift to Ole Miss immediately makes the Rebels better.

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