There were several impressive football players at Ole Miss' Junior Day Saturday, but none more so than Petal OL Javon Patterson.

From a first impression standpoint, Patterson has it all.

Besides being physically imposing at 6-4, 295 pounds, he's articulate, polite, friendly and humble.

He's also on the Most Wanted list throughout the Southeastern Conference.

"I've got offers from Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Mississippi State, LSU and Southern Mississippi so far," Patterson said, almost sheepishly. "I'm very blessed to have so many opportunities for my future. Right now, for me, it's about SEC schools. It's a big-time conference with big-time schools and that intrigues me.

"I'm humbled by the attention I'm getting and will work hard to prove I deserve it."

Patterson is no stranger to Ole Miss, but he was excited to check out the new additions to the athletic facility plant, namely the Manning Center.

"I was anxious to tour the great facilities and see what they've done. They're very impressive," he said. "The weight room, cafeteria, team meeting room, locker room are all new. They're first class all the way."

Not surprisingly, Patterson is looking for a home on the next level.

"I want to be comfortable. I want to be in a family atmosphere," he stated. "I want to get a quality education. Going to college is not all football. It's more than that."

He has Ole Miss high on his list, but he's also been impressed with other schools.

"Ole Miss is a great place with a great atmosphere," he continued. "There's a great family tradition, just a really nice place.

"But I feel a lot of the same things about Auburn and Alabama. It's the same type of atmosphere. That's why I'm an SEC guy - it's hard to go wrong."

So far, so good, with his young relationship with Rebel OL Coach Matt Luke, who will coach him if he chooses Ole Miss.

"Coach Luke is a great guy. I could definitely play for him," he noted.

Patterson's goals for his senior season are simple - get better.

"I want to get faster and get better. I want to be the best I can be. It's important as you're developing to keep everything in front of you and keep moving ahead," he noted. "I want to improve on my grades too. I have good grades now, but I can do better. I can do better in everything."

Patterson is finishing up basketball, but is trying to carve out time to go to MSU next weekend. He'll also be going to a "couple" of camps this summer.

He is in no hurry to make a final decision, but he says he probably won't drag things out to Signing Day 2015.

"I should have a decision soon after my senior season," he closed.

Javon Patterson has it all - including a spot on the Most Wanted list of some of he top schools in the nation.

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