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Spring football is underway at Ole Miss, and third-year head coach Hugh Freeze started his press conference with a list of personnel issues, including injuries and suspensions. It took a while.

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"Woodrow Hamilton broke his foot and is out for spring. That hurts our D Line depth. He had surgery and has about a ten week recovery. Derrick Jones will be out about a week with a hip flexor. C.J. Johnson a hamstring. Senquez Golson same thing. Cody Core and Vince Sanders have small issues that will keep them out until spring break. Christian Morris tore an Achilles and will be out this spring. Probably six to seven month recovery for him. Austin Golson has a shoulder injury and should be OK after spring break. Aaron Morris will be held out this spring and we'll get him ready for fall.

"Bobby Hill is no longer on the team and I can confirm he is no longer a student here. That was handled through student affairs and that's all I know. We wish him the best. Serderius Bryant will be with us this spring and will practice, but he has a list of things to do to get back into good standing. He's giving up spring break to go do some mission work. He's got some community work and counseling, a lot of things to do to be in good standing before the first game. Denzel Nkemdiche will not be with us this spring. He is still suspended from the team. His list is longer to gain good standing. He will be suspended for the first game next year. I'm hoping he can learn from the mistakes he made and be the person he can be. He's a good kid. Anthony Standifer is with us this spring, but he has some things to do also, not having earned the right yet to be a full-fledged member of the team but is working toward it. He will practice. All these kids are good kids. It's our job as coaches to help them navigate life."

Freeze said the Channing Ward situation is still an unknown.

"We're still getting all the facts. I'm hoping he will be cleared of everything but don't have all the facts on that yet. He will go through spring practice."

Freeze said several players will take spring break to do some important work.

"We have a large group going to Haiti next week to help people a lot worse off than we are."

He's also pleased with how things have gone in the classroom for his team.

"I'm real proud of the academic situation. The academic staff is doing a good job there and the players are as well."

Freeze said most of the players are doing what they should be doing.

"Unfortunately the kids that are doing most of the things right don't ever get the coverage (others) do. I wish none of them ever messed up. I take it very personal. But you know we'll hold their feet to the fire and we're not afraid to make the tough decision. The team comes first."

More Freeze Notes:

On the 2013 incoming class in their second year: "You'd like to see some of them taking leadership roles. More of the little things that may be lacking. The great teams that have great years, the little things are taken care of. People naturally follow those guys. They've been great, teachable players since they've been here. They need to stay hungry and humble, which I expect them to do this spring."

Bo Wallace
Bruce Newman

On Laquon Treadwell's role: "Laquon will move outside now. I expect him to stay there, big physical guy. We'll move Quincy (Adeboyejo) inside. With Laquon, get Vince healthy, Cody Core and Collins Moore, those guys are going to play the outside positions. We'll move Q Mireles, Q Burdette, Quincy as our inside guys. That may be about it for spring."

Other position changes: "Channing Ward will work at tight end this spring. He's looked good in the indo periods, and w'll see how he does. Jeremy Liggins will split time between quarterback and tight end. He could end up a lot of places. Kailo Moore is going to play some field corner this spring to see how he adjusts there. He's all for that. D.T. Shackelford is going to start at Mike linebacker instead of defensive end. Chief Brown will move to Husky. Anthony Alford and C.J. Hampton will be safeties, along with Cody Prewitt and Trae Elston. Austin Golson will be playing right tackle."

On offensive line issues as far as numbers: "I'm looking forward to a spring where we look up and there are two full depth charts (at O Line) and some replacements for those. Right now we've got one full one and we'll use some walkons to make up the No. 2. I am excited for Ben Still and Robert Conyers and Daronte Bouldin and Davion Johnson. We're moving Carlton Martin to guard to help us get a two-deeo offensive line. He's one of our strongest players and an athletic guy. He's jumped in and we'll see how he does this spring. Hopefully we can stay healthy."

On Bo Wallace's arm strength: "He said he feels as good as he has in two years. We'll see how it goes. He didn't do any offseason training this time last year, and I think that showed as the season went on."

On who is ahead at backup QBs: "I would say no one is ahead of the pack. We want to make sure they all get reps with similar lines around them so we can evaluate them properly. It's all even in my mind."

On beginning another spring with the Rebels: "Excited to be in year three. Seems like only yesterday I was driving down here to accept this job. It's been an enjoyable ride. We've had some ups and we've had some disappointments. To go from 14 straight SEC losses and win two bowl games, we're on the right path. Continuity of the staff is good to have. They are enjoying being here and staying a part of the Rebel family into year three.

On the team's depth: "We want to continue to grow the program into a depth chart that is SEC quality. We're still not quite there with the depth, but we're much closer than we were when we got here. We're very excited to start practice tonight."

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