Senior Spring

This time last year Bo Wallace was recovering from offseason shoulder surgery. It was a lengthy and difficult process to get back by the season.

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But he did. And now, with that whole process sandwiched between them, he's had two good seasons as the quarterback of the Ole Miss Rebels, and his team has won 15 games, including two bowl games. The two seasons prior, the Rebels had won six total games.

Spring practice for his senior season began Tuesday night. Wallace said "it's good" when the media posed a question about the status of his arm.

"I feel like strength-wise I'm a whole lot better than I was at the end of the year (last football season). I'm not exactly where I want to be, but from the time period I've had to get it right, I feel good about it."

Since the Rebels' 25-17 win against Georgia Tech in Nashville's Music City Bowl, Wallace has worked to get his arm strength completely back.

"I've been throwing," he said. "Every day I've been working an hour or an hour and 15 extra, just working on shoulder stuff and mobility stuff. I know I've put in the work. I trust it's going to get better."

Wallace likes what he's seeing out of the younger quarterbacks in the offseason and as spring drills begin.

"I thought it was good. The younger guys got some reps. I'm just trying to teach them some things. Jeremy (Liggins) and Kendrick (Doss) are both eager to learn. They're always asking questions. Ryan (Buchanan) and DeVante (Kincade) are coming along and starting to know it better. So it's going to be fun to watch."

The Giles County (Tenn.) High and East Mississippi Community College product was asked about Buchanan and Kincade in their second years after redshirting.

Bo Wallace at practice Tuesday night
Thomas Granning

"Yes. They didn't make too many mental mistakes (Tuesday)," he said. "Yeah, they're definitely getting better."

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze said Wallace is primed for a good spring but they won't overdo things with him.

"He says he feels as good as he has in two years," Freeze said. "We'll see how it goes. He didn't get to do any offseason training last year. That showed as the season went on. His arm strength deteriorated some. We're confident that he should be stronger. Hopefully he'll stay consistently strong. He won't probably throw as much because we really need to see DeVante (Kincade), Ryan (Buchanan), Jeremy (Liggins) and Kendrick (Doss) throw some."

Wallace, as a senior, is leading. But as the quarterback for the past two years, he's already had that role of leader. He said, of the offseason troubles for some of the team, that those are in the past.

"Once that happened, we had a meeting and talked about it. Everybody understands what Coach Freeze is looking for, and we know what we have to act like when we're not around this building."

Wallace said although Freeze addressed the issues mainly, some of the players also voiced their desires for the players to think "team" and to do what's right for the program.

"Defense, C.J. (Johnson) said ‘Let's get it right.' Issac (Gross) got up and said ‘Let's get it right.' We have some vocal guys. So I think having a meeting like that helped us out."

But for Wallace, it's mainly about Wallace this season, getting better, getting stronger, leading, and working into season three with a lot of experience and game snaps on his ledger.

"Like last year at the end of the bowl game, talk about making too many plays, there was a play where I probably should have just thrown it away. But I tried to run this way and run that way. I think that's it.

"Just being intense every play (in practice) like it's a game rep," Wallace continued. "Sometimes in practice I tend to look around and don't really focus as much as I should. So this spring, definitely really focus in and take advantage of getting to work this spring since I didn't get to last year."

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