Settle, DeBerry Take In Ole Miss

Tim Settle, a 5-star defensive tackle, and Ricky DeBerry, also a 5-star prospect at defensive end, visited Ole Miss Thursday afternoon and into the night. The pair of Virginians enjoyed their up-close-and-personal look immensely.

Settle, a 6-3, 310-pounder from Manassas, Va., and DeBerry, a 6-2, 240-pound DE/LB from Richmond, Va., traveled to Ole Miss accompanied by DeBerry's parents and 2017 quarterback prospect Alex Faniel, also from Richmond, Va.

To say they were impressed with Ole Miss is an understatement.

First, DeBerry, who currently holds 57 scholarship offers in his hip pocket.

"I loved Ole Miss. From the coaching staff to the facilities to the people here. Everything was great - I fell in love with this place," said DeBerry. "It just seems like a great place to be.

"It was important to me to come here and get to know the coaches as people and not just guys who were recruiting me. Ole Miss is high on my radar, a definite contender."

DeBerry outlined what he is looking for in a school after his senior year at St. Christopher HS in Richmond.

"I'm looking for a place with great academics and Ole Miss definitely has that," he continued. "I also want a great place to play football with a great football tradition, alumni support and fan base.

Rick DeBerry

"It's about comfort with me - a place where I can enjoy my four years of college. So far, Ole Miss passes all my tests. I can't wait to come back when the students are here and the players are all here."

DeBerry has been to a lot of different schools checking things out. In his mind, Ole Miss stacks up with all of them.

"I've been fortunate enough to be able to compare a lot of schools. I've seen the pros and cons of a lot of schools. Ole Miss is on the pro side of everything," he noted.

DeBerry said distance from home is not an issue with him or his parents when trying to decide on a college.

"My parents have been very supportive and haven't put a fence around where I can or should go," he added. "My parents are behind me wherever I want to go.

"They make trips with me and they'll follow whatever school I decide."

DeBerry is going to wait until after his senior season of football before making any final decisions, but he readily declared Ole Miss is, and will be, in the picture.

As for being a 5-star prospect, DeBerry takes it all in stride.

"It's very humbling and motivating. I want to live up to that, so I find myself working harder than I ever have in my life," DeBerry stated. "Whatever got me to where I am, I want to make better."

DeBerry had a position meeting with Ole Miss DC Dave Wommack during his visit. He said Wommack projects him as a middle linebacker at Ole Miss.

"I definitely want to be a linebacker in college and I like the way Ole Miss uses their linebackers," he closed. "I really like what I have seen of Coach Wommack's defense. He's aggressive, but sound.

"I could have spent all day in the film room with him and can't wait to sit down with him again and talk defensive football. Ole Miss is building something really special here and already they have had some outstanding defensive efforts, like beating LSU last year."

Settle, who "only" has 34 scholarship offers to his credit, thus far, was just as excited about Ole Miss as DeBerry.

Tim Settle

"This was a blowout. I wasn't expecting this at all," said Settle. "Even though it was spring break, Ole Miss is everything I'm looking for in a college.

"We felt like we owned the whole campus today."

He was particularly impressed with the Rebel facilities.

"Fantastic. I can't wait to get back down here and see the finished product and to get my Dad down here to see it all," he stated. "If this place doesn't impress you, you can't be impressed.

"I've been to a lot of places already and this is as nice, if not nicer, than any of them. ACC schools, except Clemson, don't really have facilities like the Manning Center, but you kind of expect something along these lines with an SEC school. This facility is the nicest I've seen though in any conference. It's amazing."

The Rebels got a jump on the recruitment of Settle, offering him his sophomore year. That has carried weight with him as time ticked by.

"Ole Miss is definitely on my radar because they were one of the first to recognize my talent and potential. I knew I liked talking with the coaches, but I wanted to meet them and see this place for myself," he added. "It's blown me away and it will blow my Dad away."

Settle is looking for good academics and unity in a college.

"It's important to me to get a quality education, which Ole Miss offers," he noted. "I also want to be on a close team, a team with great chemistry.

"I'm an intense person and I like to be around people who are intense and goal-orientated. I meshed well with the coaches. They gave up one of their days off to spend a whole day with Ricky and Alex and me and that garners a lot of respect from me. It was amazing."

Faniel, a 6-4 1/2 rising sophomore and teammate of DeBerry's, was also in the Virginia "entourage."

He said he has already received keen interest from Ole Miss.

"I know I'm young and have work to do, but to have an SEC school show early interest in me is very motivating and encouraging," said Faniel. "I'm determined to show these coaches I'm a college prospect.

"I believe my strengths are my arm and decision-making and intelligence. I'm young and need to keep working on my footwork and mechanics. You can never learn too much, so I'm ready to absorb coaching and take my team to great heights."

The beauty of Ole Miss was Faniel's number one impression.

"This is such a beautiful campus. I love it. It has so much history here and they're building so much stuff to make new history," he closed. "To me, that is exciting - to blend the old with the new.

"I can't wait to see the addition to the stadium and to see the Manning Center completed. This place is mind-boggling. This is a wonderful place."

Two 5-stars and a projected future star got their first looks at Ole Miss Thursday.

From the sound of things, it won't be their last.

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