Attaboy, Adeboyejo

Last season, his freshman year, Slot Receiver Quincy Adeboyejo was probably expecting more opportunity than he ended up getting behind veteran receivers Donte Moncrief and Ja-Mes Logan, but now he's been moved to slot and it appears he's moving to the forefront.

Adeboyejo wouldn't say it flat out, but you could catch the drift in the tone of his voice.

He was expecting more his true freshman year.

Even though the heralded Texan played in all 13 games, starting two, it was sparingly.

While the "other" freshman phenom, Laquon Treadwell, was starting 12-13 games and leading the team in receptions with 72, earning freshman All-American honors in the slot, Adeboyejo got very few chances behind Vincent Sanders, Logan and Moncrief, catching only seven passes on the year.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, thee was not a jealousy thing between Adeboyejo and Treawell - they are good friends, Adeboyejo just expected more.

"It was rough at times last year," is all he will say now. "I left a lot of plays on the field and didn't break through. I expect a lot more this year."

Quincy Adeboyejo
Thomas Graning

So do the Rebel coaches or else Adeboyejo would not have been moved inside to Treadwell's slot position and Treadwell would not have moved outside to the now NFL-bound Moncrief's position out wide.

"In our offense, as you could tell last year with Laquon, gets a lot of opportunity to catch the ball and so far Quincy has shown he can handle it," said Coach Hugh Freeze.

Slot is not totally foreign to Adeboyejo.

"I played slot some in high school. I like it. It's different in that you have to read more coverages. Out side, it's mostly man coverage. The slot has more read responsibility," he explained. "I got a lot of help last year from Donte and Ja-Mes on reading coverages pre-snap and on the run.

"They were like big brothers to me. You just don't learn those things in high school. We'd watch film a lot together and they would show me things."

Toward the end of last year, Adeboyejo started to come around a little more each week and gained some confidence.

"When I scored my first TD, I felt like I belonged," he said.

Now, he looks like the lead man at slot in spring training while competing with two other Qs: Mireles and Burdette.

"Bo (Wallace) and I are clicking pretty good right now. We are building chemistry this spring that has me optimistic," he stated. "I feel more consistent with my hands, which was a goal for me this spring."

Adeboyejo has bulked up, a little, and he's right where he wants to be physically.

"I have gained five pounds. I'm 196 now and feel good at this weight. I have been able to maintain my speed and that was my goal as far as getting bigger - to remain as fast, or faster, than I was," he noted.

His goal for next year is a humble one.

"I just want to help my team win. That's it. Whatever I can do to help us get the wins, that's my goal to do," he said.

Adeboyejo is pleased with the progress of the wide receivers this spring.

"Laquon is having a great spring and Q. Burdette and Q. Mireles are really coming on strong," he noted. "They were DBs last year and have adapted well.

"The depth on our team has improved. That has made it real competitive this spring and it wasn't like that as much last year. Our game has gone to a whole new level because everyone is fighting for a job and playing time."

Adeboyejo may have been a little disappointed with his true freshman year output, but from all accounts, that disappointment is about to be erased.

"He has great things in his future," Freeze closed.

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