Senior Season

Ole Miss Quarterback Bo Wallace is looking forward to continuing to improve his arm strength this spring and summer as he heads into his senior season. He wasn't able to do that this time last year.

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"Starting in June (2013), I was throwing probably 30 balls a day," said Wallace, by then in full rehab mode from offseason shoulder surgery. "So being able to go out and play 7 on 7 (this summer) and get those live bullets, per se, get to read coverages and make the throw, it's going to be huge."

Wallace just completed spring practice with his Rebel teammates. He had a solid spring. This time last year he could only watch.

"I think I had a good one," said Wallace, projected to be the starter for the third straight season, which would be the longest starting tenure for a Rebel quarterback since Eli Manning from 2001-03. "I played the way I wanted to. I felt in control almost all the time. I feel really, really good."

But he still wants to work to get back to where he was, and hopefully more, before the shoulder became a problem and surgery became necessary.

"I've just got to go out there and get my arm strength to another level," he said.

Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Dan Werner said Wallace is on the way back to being better than ever.

"He took a big step forward. This is the first time he has been truly healthy and he knows the scheme very well," Werner said. "He can do things, due to experience, our other quarterbacks can't do yet. I think his game is at another level."

"Bo is showing good poise this spring and he has a good understanding of what we are trying to do," said Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze.

Wallace said that as far as the quarterbacks behind him, it's a battle between Ryan Buchanan and Devante Kincade.

"I think it's neck and neck," he said. "One will have a good day, and the other one will have a good day. They're both two different players though. Situationally I think you can see both of them, like Coach Freeze has said. So it's a tight battle and those guys are competing. That's all you can ask for."

Jeremy Liggins is another who has taken snaps at quarterback. Saturday he was mainly in on goal line and short yardage situations.

"I think you saw (Saturday) on the short yardage stuff," Wallace said of what Liggins can do. "Obviously the whole Barry package we had last year was pretty successful. It's hard to tackle a 300-pounder moving that fast. I think he can definitely help us out."

So is Wallace fine with taking the team down the field only to have someone else potentially take the football in for a touchdown from the quarterback position.

"I'm alright with it," he said, smiling.

Other Wallace comments:

Laquon Treadwell
Bruce Newman

* On Jaylen Walton, who did not participate Saturday: "Jaylen wasn't able to go today. Obviously he gives us another threat, another dimension to our offense. So getting him back, I think we have a lot of running backs that are ready to play."

* On the battle for starting center: "It's a good battle up there with Ben (Still) and (Robert) Conyers. That battle will go into fall camp. This summer and the weightlifting's going to be important to both of them."

* On the rising sophomores growing up: "Our young kids are so mature. I think they're mature beyond their years. It has a feel to it of being a very veteran group. A lot of those young kids got to play a lot of games last year. So our chemistry is as good as it's been since we've all been here. You can tell that in practice and in the way we compete, things like that."

* On Collins Moore: "He has just gotten so big and strong, and he didn't lose any speed with all the weight he gained. He's able to use his body and he's always had pretty good hands. He definitely understands the offense. So he's a guy that can move inside or out. He probably had the best spring out of anybody."

* On Laquon Treadwell and his similarities or dissimilarities to Donte Moncrief: "They're both big bodies, so that's the similarities of those two. I think Donte is faster than Quon. He's got top end speed. If you overthrow him he's going to run and go get it. I think Quon will develop that, but Quon's just a big body where if you put the ball around him, he's going to go up and a corner's not going to have a chance with him."

* On Evan Engram: "He's a freak. He's playing tight end but he is one of our most explosive offensive players. So getting him back and healthy, he just makes plays every single day. I expect a lot of big things out of him next year."

* On the offensive line: "They just all came together. There are a lot of guys that didn't really play much last year. Daronte (Bouldin) didn't play last year. He redshirted. He's coming on strong. I‘m excited to get him and Rod Taylor and Aaron Morris back and let them compete it out and see who can win the job."

* On Cody Core: "Cody's a guy that we're 100 percent confident in. I have 110 percent confidence in him. When he's out there, I think he'll make plays. I think the big thing is we've just got to get him some snaps."

* On the coaching staff this spring and their attitude toward getting things done: "The coaches set the tone for the energy every day. Every day, they brought it. They wouldn't accept anything less (from the players) than what they were giving. So they brought it every day, and we did too."

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