Holston's Choice

Greer Holston didn't take long to decide that he wanted to play baseball at Ole Miss when offered the chance. It's already where he knew he wanted to be in the first place.

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"It's always been the school I wanted to go to," said the 6-foot-4, 195-pound sophomore right-handed pitcher at Saint Stanislaus in Bay Saint Louis. "I grew up an Ole Miss Rebel, and it's always been my dream to play for Ole Miss. There's not another college I wanted to go to."

In his household, there were two teams to cheer for. But Holston said he always leaned to Ole Miss.

"My dad went Ole Miss, but my mom went to Mississippi State," Holston said.

How does that work out?

"It's not good on game days," he said, laughing about those times when UM and MSU face each other in whatever sport.

But he said all are supportive of him and his decision to come to Oxford for college in a couple of years.

"My whole family is happy for me," Holston said. "They're behind me 100 percent. It was my decision completely and they left it all up to me. They're happy."

Ole Miss, according to Holston, got interested earlier this calendar year.

"They saw me at a pitcher/catcher camp in January (at Ole Miss). They've been following me ever since."

He had actually camped here before.

"I went to camp there as a freshman. That was the first time I'd ever been on campus. I went to one of the Arkansas-Little Rock games (this season). That was the first time I'd ever been to a game there."

Holston said he has pitched well this year after struggling a bit earlier. He has started seven games and has a 5-2 record.

Greer Holston
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"I had a slow start. I lost my first two games as a pitcher. They were against some good teams. We're 10-0 in district, so everything is going well for all of us. We're 17-3 overall."

Holston has an array of pitches to turn to.

"I throw a fastball, changeup, slider and a curve. I've reached 93 with my fast ball but stay high 80s, low 90s. My changeup is probably 77-78. My slider is probably 82-84. My curve ball is probably 72-73."

Holston said he's had some good outings this season.

"My favorite game was Poplarville, our first seven-inning game. They're one of our district rivals. We won it in the last inning with two outs. One of our big guys came through and got the runner in from third, and there were two outs and two strikes. It was awesome. I pitched a complete game shutout with eight strikeouts and threw 74 pitches."

Holston will play this summer with East Coast Baseball out of Meridian. Will Stokes, an Ole Miss signee, is on that team.

Holston is pleased with the fact that things are working out for him this early. His commitment is solid and he will sign when he gets that opportunity. However, that won't be until November, 2015.

As for now, and since last season, he's been focusing on pitching for the Rockachaws.

"I had a little arm injury last year, and it's very rare for a freshman to play at Saint Stanislaus because of the tradition," he said. "I got to pitch one full game in game three of a series against West Lauderdale for South State. We won 4-3 and I went the full seven innings. It was an intense game.

"I'm a utility player now. I pitch, I can play left, or shortstop when our shortstop pitches. Coach puts me anywhere. I'm batting six hole right now with a decent average, like .350."

As a hitter, he's hit one home run and several doubles. His ERA is just under 2.00 currently. His first game to pitch this season wasn't good, according to Holston, and keeps his ERA from being lower still.

Ole Miss, the school he always wanted to attend, got on him early. Others were beginning to take notice. That worked out just fine with Holston.

"I had no other offers before Ole Miss. LSU was looking at me and I was about to go visit. I went on a Mississippi State visit. Alabama sent me a card to fill out, and I did. But Ole Miss is where I wanted to go, so it worked out great."

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