J'Mar's Jamboree

STARKVILLE - J'Mar Smith was getting ready to lead Meridian to a thrilling last second spring jamboree contest against West Point when he sat down with us to go over where he stands with his future

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J'Mar Smith is not only Meridian's starting quarterback but he is one of the top catchers in Mississippi.

"Baseball went pretty good," Smith said. "We did better than the past couple of seasons I have been there. We were one game out of the playoffs. Overall I think we did pretty good, and the past two years we have gotten better and better with the new coach we have."

What were his stats this past season?

"I think I hit .325. I really did not keep up. I had four home runs and at least 10 RBI's and a couple stolen bases. I got an invite for a showcase in Florida for the Major Leagues Break this Series so I am going to go down there this summer."

What does Smith do best at outfield and catcher?

"Those positions are like a leadership position like quarterback in football. I commit to that playing baseball and football because to be the quarterback in football you have to be the quarterback in baseball to led the team."

On the gridiron how has the spring gone for the 6' 1 1/2", 210-pound signal caller?

"It has gone good. I have some new guys out here that we are trying to bring around slowly. We are not trying to use all of our plays but just the basic plays that they know really well. We do not want to bog them down with too much going through their heads so we are going to keep it simple today and just try and execute what everyone knows."

Any colleges come by Smith's practices this spring?

"Well, Ole Miss has a couple coaches here right now. I just saw coach (Dan) Werner their offensive coordinator over there just a few minutes ago. MSU, Cinci, Oklahoma State, and La Tech have been by my practices before today."

Any new offers?

"Yes sir. La Tech offered me. They like just the way I play the game and want me to become a part of their organization."

Mississippi State has also offered, right?

"Yes sir, they offered me my ninth grade season. They also like the way I play the game and the way I throw the ball. They want me to come be a part of the university."

What stands out about the Dogs the most?

"I like the atmosphere. I have been over there for a couple games, and I just like the surroundings. I like the Saturday night lights over there."

Which schools are showing the most interest right now?

"I really talk hard with MSU, La Tech, and Memphis. Those are my top three schools right now."

What stands out about Memphis?

"I have not been up there yet, but I am going to try and get up there soon and just familiar with their campus. I have talked to coach (James) Shibest a bunch though."

Which college would he like to start showing more interest?

"I do not know. I am just keeping everything open right now. I am just tying to stay humble and take my opportunities whenever I get."

Any camps this summer?

"I plan on going to Florida for a football and baseball camps and I will be going to some showcase tournaments too."

Yancy Porter is the Mississippi Scout for Scout.com and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com

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