No Pressure

STARKVILLE - Brady Davis was sitting in the stands before their spring scrimmage against Brandon knowing many of the college scouts who are on the fence about offering were about to watch him play. No sweat says the 3-Star quarterback.

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Minutes before the Yellow jackets took on Brandon the recent Starkville transfer Brady Davis felt like he was prepared for the Bulldogs.

"I feel prepared," Davis said. "I feel more prepared than any game I have ever played. We have a good team. I know I have all the players around me to help me be successful. I am just anxious for it. I have not been able to sleep in a while waiting for this game."

The 6' 3", quarterback had several college scouts in the stands waiting to watch him play. That included the Ole Miss and MSU offensive coordinators. Both colleges are in a wait-and-see mode if they are going to offer or not. Most would think this would put a lot of pressure on Davis but not so says the '13 All-Star signal caller.

"You would think it would put a lot of pressure on me trying to impress the colleges who are here and will be watching the film from this game, but I have a lot of playmakers around me. I feel comfortable. We looked real good in the spring so that has put me at ease. I mean, yea, you do feel a little pressure but I am more anxious than pressure."

What are the improvements Brady has seen in his game since he transferred from New Hope to Starkville in January?

"Not having to make every play. I do not have to run around and make every play. Now I just get the ball out of my hands fast and let them make the plays. I have taken on a leadership role and getting the ball out quicker and making better decisions is the biggest thing I have worked on this spring."

The Starkville head coach, Jaime Mitchell, has not been disappointed with his new signal caller.

"The firs thing that jumped at me on day two that he arrived was his leadership abilities," coach Mitchell said. "He has just kind of magnetized our team to him. He is a great kid first of all. That does not say anything about his ability but he has great leadership skills. Boy once we got into the spring it has been fun watching him play. He can flat throw the ball. It is going to take him some time to learn our system. It is a brand new system. It is going to be a big stage for him tonight against a very good team but he is going to get better as we go. It is just such a learning curve for him, but he has been everything I was expecting and some."

What are his strengths on the field?

"He has a great understanding of coverages. That is probably the biggest thing I can tell you. You can't hardly fool him. You can disguise him and roll coverages and hide coverages but he does a great job of seeing things. His arm strength is really uncanny and gets the ball out as quickly as anybody I have ever coached or coached against."

South Florida came to a practice recently. They were so impressed that they offered on the spot.

"We actually had a flip schedule for state testing. Their offensive coordinator wanted to see me throw and we ran some routes. I was throwing the ball real well and hit every one. He said he wanted to offer me a scholarship on the spot. Coach just liked the way I threw deep digs, deep comebacks, and deep post and my velocity and how I got it out of there quick. He just likes my size and thinks I would be a good fit in their offense."

The Ole Miss offensive coordinator came to watch him throw too.

"He wants an instate guy and really does really like me, but he wants me to come to their camp and compete against their top out of state quarterbacks. Everybody is hollering Ole Miss because they are doing so well, and he wants me to earn that offer. Hopefully I will do just that. I plan on going over there to their Elite camp in June. Coach Freeze also wants to see me throw in front of him against the top competition there so it should be interesting."

Which camps has he signed up for?

"I have not really signed up for any. I am going to Stillwater and go to the Oklahoma State camp. They have been recruiting me pretty hard lately. I need to get to Tampa for the South Florida camp, Ole Miss, and Memphis."

What is OSU saying?

"He came and watched me throw. I did not have my best day. He could tell I was not because I was getting really frustrated, but he told me to not worry about it and just show up for their camp."

What is Memphis saying?

"They act like they want me over everybody. They are hot on me. That is where my dad went to school so they know I have some built in ties to their school. They want to see me at their camp before they offer me."

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