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Joshua McMillon out of Memphis Whitehaven has a final list that consists of Alabama, Ole Miss, Vandy, Auburn, and Michigan. He stopped by Oxford over the weekend for one last time before announcing on August 22nd.

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"It was a great experience," McMillon said. "This was my third trip over there the past couple months so I was already familiar with all of their facilities and campus. This visit was more about me just getting to sit down with their coaches one last time before I make my commitment."

Joshua McMillon feels like the latest visit gave him an inside look at how the Rebel program is run.

"I had a wonderful time. I sat down with my position coach, Tom Allen, and the coach who recruits me in Maurice Harris. Coach "Mo" is like family to me. We talked about my experience at The Opening, their team, and then I went over to the practice field and watched them work out. I got a chance to talk to my former teammate, Mark Dodson, and he took me around and just introduced me to a lot of people. I really enjoyed myself. Before I left I sat down with coach (Hugh) Freeze in his office. Their defensive coordinator (Dave Womack) and coach Freeze just sat me down and we went over everything that would be expected of me if I were to come there. After that meeting they introduced me to everyone on their staff. I just feel really comfortable there. It makes me feel right at home."

This trip was also a chance for him to explore the program he plans to major in, Aero Engineering.

"Coach (Maurice) Harris introduced me to the head person in charge of their academics. She welcomed me with open arms. She explained how my freshman season will be. We went over the classes I would take my freshman year and the tutors they have set up to help me out with each class. She was very excited about me wanting to become an Aero Engineer one day. We took a tour of all of their facilities for that program. We went to the classrooms and talked to some of the teachers in that department. It is a first class."

Next in line was getting to hang out with some of the Ole Miss football players.

"Mark Dodson just took me around and introduced me to a lot of the players. I already have a relationship with some of those guys like Robert and Denzel Nkemdiche, but it was nice getting to meet the rest of the guys. I had a wonderful time with those guys. Everyone was just real hospitable. Like I said they made me feel at home. They are like a big family there. They take care of their family and make you feel at home."

The coach that is responsible for recruiting the nation's #10 rated MLB for Ole Miss has also made some inroads.

"The biggest thing with Ole Miss is coach Maurice Harris. He is a Whitehaven alumni. He has always looked after me. They think I have a chance to play as a freshman too. Their returning starter at middle linebacker is graduating and the guy behind him is a junior so I have a chance to get into the rotation as a freshman. They are trying to recruit a middle linebacker in this class that fits the mold they are looking for in the future. Whoever they sign at middle linebacker this year will be the guy in the future for that position. That's a big plus."

Joshua does not see any cons with Ole Miss.

"I just can't find any to be honest. It is a very small school and it's close knit bunch. Mark (Dodson) tells me great things about their program. I have a good feeling about Ole Miss. I also like the relationship I have with my position coach (Tom) Allen. He is a high energy guy that believes in me."

The Memphis resident also has a good feeling about Alabama.

"I also know a lot of the Alabama recruits. I have gotten to know their coaches pretty well too. I have not been to a lot of camps but I have been to some big camps. I had a chance to talk to a lot of their recruits and pick their heads about Alabama."

Alabama's recent success on the football field sticks out the most about the Tide.

"I would say their program is what stands out about them. They have won three national championships recently. Coach (Nick) Saban runs a good football program. I also like their Engineering program and it also has a friendly campus. Coach (Kevin) Steele is a good linebacker coach. They play the 3-4 defense, and they want to use me at multiple positions on defense. I will line up at (defensive) end a lot and get after the passer and play a lot of middle linebacker."

Vandy is the only in-state school that remains on his list.

"Although they have a new coaching staff coach (David) Kotulski called me one day and said he wanted to take the proper steps to build a relationship with me. He wanted to get me up for some camps and sit down and talk with him. I went over to one of their camps last month and went through the drills. He said that he liked me and respected that I worked out even with an offer already at hand. We watched some film when he was at San Diego State. He could make me into a good linebacker. We now have a good relationship. Coach (Derek) Mason is like a military sergeant. He is a no non-sense type of coach. He wants you to do things the right way, 100%."

McMillon has only been to the Auburn campus a couple times but liked what he saw.

"I have not been there since their spring game, but I do plan on going back before I make my decision. Coach (Tim) Horton had a great talk with my (high school) coaches while I was there. I got a chance to talk to some of their players. I know Trey Williams who plays there. We talked about everything at Auburn and what to expect. He said I would fit in great there but to be ready to work. He loves working under coach (Ellis) Johnson. I also think he's a great guy. Coach (Tim) Horton always stays in contact with me. I also talk to coach (Gus) Malzahn a lot. I have even sat down and talked to his wife while I was there. She is so passionate about Auburn football. It's pretty neat."

Michigan is where his high school coach, Rodney Saulsberry, graduated.

"He always talks about what a good experience he had at Michigan. I probably know less about Michigan than the other schools, but I did get a chance to go up there and take a look around. I didn't know anyone from Michigan but a defensive lineman of theirs named Pip talked to me for a while. I got a chance to meet several of their players on their team. They told me that it is fun to play for their coaches. He said they are real happy with their coaching staff."

August 22nd is the day that he will make his verbal pledge.

"I picked that day (to commit) because it is right before our season starts. I want to go ahead and get it out the way so we can concentrate on winning another state championship before I leave here."

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