'More For The Team'

Last year, as a true freshman, Laquon Treadwell led the Rebels in receptions and made Freshman All-American. This year, he expects more, a lot more.

Laquon Treadwell is an active "tweeter," charismatic and with a lot of followers.

On the practice field, he is vocal and always smiling between giving 100% on every rep.

With the media, with cameras and microphones in his face, he's more soft-spoken, more measured, but just as confident.

Case in point. When asked to explain the difference in the Quon of last year this time to the Quon of this year, he didn't hesitate.

"I can do so much more this year. I'm a much better perimeter blocker, I am using my body better to get separation from defenders and I'm bigger and stronger."

That could equate to a scary proposition for opponents because Quon was rarely stopped as a true frosh last year, leading the Rebels in receptions on the same team that boasted of no-NFLer Donte Moncrief, reliable veteran Ja-Mes Logan and steady Vincent Sanders.

Ole Miss wide receiver Laquon Treadwell.

His confidence shows on the practice fields.

"He has made some highlight film catches this fall," said Coach Hugh Freeze. "He's so big and strong and has such good hands, he just makes it look easy sometimes."

Unless you've been vacationing on Mars, you know Treadwell was moved from slot receiver last year to Donte's wideout position this year.

"It's different out wide, but I like it," he said softly. "There are different moves to beat a defender and different routes, but I got most of that down in spring and am comfortable doing everything I need to do now."

Another big factor in his advancement is his knowledge of the offense.

"Last year, there were times he was just playing on instinct and we had to limit what we gave him," said Freeze. "That's not the case this time around. He's got the offense down and it shows in his play. There is no indecisiveness."

Quon agrees.

"I know what all the positions are supposed to be doing on plays. I know what Bo (Wallace) is supposed to be doing and I know what the RBs and tight ends and other receivers are supposed to be doing. I know all the adjustments I am supposed to make against different coverages," he declared. "That knowledge has allowed me to play more relaxed and more effectively."

Quon is also bigger - 216 pounds last year, 223 this year.

"In the summer, I put on a lot of weight, but I had to cut back on Macdonald's and start eating better. I lost some of the bad weight and put on lean muscle. I feel good with this weight. I'm toned and it's helped me a lot," he noted.

His improvement, he believes, is not only tied to his ability, it's tied to Wallace's health and improvement.

"His arm is a lot stronger this year. He gets the ball there on time and as you come out of the break. We don't have to wait on it now," Treadwell continued. "Last year, there were times we'd be saying 'throw it!' We'd have to wait on it. Not this time around."

Ole Miss wide receiver Laquon Treadwell.

He has confidence in the rest of his receiver mates as well, also a relief.

"They all work hard and learn quickly. They all have talent," he noted. "They will make a lot of plays - we all will."

The Rebels, and Treadwell, will have a day off today. It's needed.

"I'm going to get treatment and take a nap," he smiled. "I'm going to get my body rejuvenated."

He can't wait for game week.

"You can see it in everyone's face - we are ready. We have been working hard to this point and we want to make a mark this year," he stated. "We are anxious and ready for the season to get started."

Laquon Treadwell had an outstanding freshman year.

He expects better this time around.

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