Even though he is just a junior, Right Guard Justin Bell is the "old head" of the Ole Miss offensive line. He has also become somewhat of the unofficial spokesman of the Reb forward wall. His thoughts on the OL's play in the opener and moving forward?

Offensive Line Coach Matt Luke laid it all on the line Friday and Saturday to his OL after Ole Miss' 35-13 win over Boise State in Atlanta last Thursday.

* They have to be more physical.

* They have to be more poised.

* They have to play with better technique.

* They have to recognize what the defense is trying to do more quickly.

* They have to develop better chemistry as a unit.

Junior Right Guard Justin Bell, one of the "oldtimers" of the OL unit, echoed those sentiments in a brief meeting with the media Tuesday afternoon.

"We've been challenged," said Bell. "We take pride in our play, in the run game. We have been harping all week on the run game, getting it right.

"So far, I can see improvements."

Why was the physical nature most were expecting lacking in the opener? Bell believes it stems from this group playing together for the first time in a real game.

"It's about chemistry," he continued. "We've never played together in a game and at the end of the day we have to trust each other. That's the most important thing.

"I feel like we have worked some of those issues at. We have certainly worked on it hard enough this week and I can see some things clicking. The experience of having a game under our belts has helped us see where we are and what we need to do."

Ole Miss OL Justin Bell.

Bell does not expect miracles in one week. There is a time factor in developing chemistry, that being defined as five guys playing as one, but he expects major improvement.

"We do chemistry-building in practice, but games are different. It will take a couple of games for us to really get the feel for how each of us are going to react to different situations," Bell expressed. "We are looking a lot better this week in that regard. We've made some adjustments and it's showing in practice. Now we have to take that into the game."

Some technique was missing against Boise, especially in the pulling game, said Bell.

"We have been working on our second step. We need to be tighter to the line when we pull so we can get there quicker," he explained. "We were too wide at times when we pulled against Boise."

Vanderbilt's base defense is a 3-4. The Rebs have worked in practice against Ole Miss' 4-2 and 4-3 looks all of August. Does that present problems?

"It's still a seven-man front, so we should be OK," Bell noted. "We should be OK with that look. We will be prepared to handle it."

The Rebel OL had numerous false starts against Boise. Bell tried to play that off a little bit as an aberration.

"I think some of the guys were just too pumped up and too jittery in the first game. We don't want the false starts, obviously, but we want guys playing on the edge and ready to go," Justin said. "In the second half, we were much, much better.

"Boise had some move calls that got us, but that's no excuse. We have to hone in on our quarterback's voice and focus better."

Focus, being more physical, playing as one and playing with better technique.

Those are the goals as the Rebel OL moves forward.

Luke said all those things are correctable and the mistakes made were not of a physical/ability nature.

"We will get there," Bell closed. "We just have to focus more and take care of business."

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