Relaxed Approach

In August, sophomore Wide Receiver Quincy Adeboyejo had a pass-catching slump, dropping passes he usually catches with ease. Through two games, he seems to be back on track, catching everything thrown his way. Why?

There is a fine line between playing hard and pressing to the point of not being able to perform.

Sophomore WR Quincy Adeboyejo briefly crossed that line in August and went into a pass-catching slump, of sorts.

"In camp, I was stressing myself out. I felt like I had a lot of pressure on me," said Quincy. "Lately, I have been more relaxed. Even when I have missed a pass here and there, I just go play the next play."

His new, relaxed demeanor has produced quality results in the first two games for the Rebels.

Quincy has caught seven balls for 86 yards and a touchdown and, the best part, he has converted every opportunity literally thrown his way.

"I've just been going out there doing what is asked of me and doing my job," he said. "I hope it continues the rest of the year."

It was a strange deal - August camp for Adeboyejo - because in spring training, just a few short months prior, he was catching everything in sight from his slot position and had clearly won the job.

In August, the "dropsies" hit Quincy and junior Cody Core came in and took the starting position from him. (Core has burst on the scene like a comet, by the way.)

So how did he break out of his slump? How did he go back over the line into an area where he was playing hard, competing and performing to his spring standard?

Guidance from home.

"I have a mentor back home who I used to see in the barber shop, Mr. Yarbrough, a police officer," noted Adeboyejo. "When I was younger, he asked me about myself and told me he thought I had a lot of potential. I was young and dumb and he helped me grow up.

"I hadn't seen him for a while because I grew my hair out and wasn't going to the barber shop. This summer, he text me and asked me how I was doing and I told him I was stressed out and pressing too hard."

His mentor talked Adeboyejo off the ledge, so to speak.

"I have always been my worst critic, but he told me to relax and let the game come to me," Adeboyejo stated. "He started sending me scriptures via text every morning and it really helped."

Adeboyejo feels blessed to be a part of such a talented group of receivers, including Tight End Evan Engram.

"We are all playmakers and we are all pulling for each other. I am really impressed with Cody (Core). He has really stepped it up and we all know how good Vincent (Sanders) and Laquon (Treadwell) are," he said. "I also think we have a great attitude about everything. None of us mind sharing the ball if that means a win.

"Evan is special. He is a wideout in a bigger body. He may as well meet with us because we consider him a wideout, but he's not. He's a great tight end."

Quincy was a true freshman last year thrust into the spotlight more and more as the season progressed. That is why he is trying to help freshman Markell Pack in his transition from high school to college ball.

"It can be tough as a freshman. All the plays just seem to run together. You are trying to slow things down, but things are just moving so fast," Adeboyejo explained. "Markell is picking things up well. He is sluggish sometimes with the plays, but that is any freshman and he will get it down. He's got all the tools to be successful at wideout."

For now, Adeboyejo is backing up both wideout spots and the slot position, a heavy mental load.

"Regardless of inside or outside, your job is the same - run routes and catch the ball," he noted. "There is a difference. Outside, you are going to get more man coverage aginst corners and safeties. In the slot, you are looking for a hole in the defense and sit in it.

"It hasn't been that hard to learn. I have messed up some in practice going from one to the other, but so far in the games I haven't busted any assignments."

Being unselfish, Quincy has adjusted to that triple-threat role.

"Whatever the team needs from me, I will go with it," he stated bluntly. "It's about helping the team and winning, nothing else."

Quincy is excited about playing in front of friendly fans this weekend in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium after two weeks on the road.

"It is always great to get off that bus in the Grove and see Rebel Nation there supporting us. They never let us down and we are going to do our best to never let them down," he closed.

Look for another fine outing from stress-free, relaxed Quincy Adeboyejo.

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